The essential guide to eyelash hybrid extensions

What’s amazing about eyelash extensions is that lash artists can show their creativity. This is what happens with hybrid eyelash extensions sets. A hybrid set is a beautiful mix of classic eyelash extension techniques and volume eyelash extensions. Those techniques combined together will create a type of set called hybrid lashes. This method helps lash artists cover most of the flaws of eyes and keep the natural look, making a unique attraction for each client. As a result, natural lashes are thick but not too dense. Nowadays, hybrid eyelash extensions are considered a universal tool for professional lash artists to tap into their creativity and flexibility.

The history of hybrid eyelash extensions

In the 2000s, semi-permanent eyelash extensions were created in Korea. Obviously, in the early years, the materials and tools for eyelash extensions were still relatively simple; the factories mainly provided J curl eyelashes. Therefore, the standard method of eyelash extensions was Classic (1:1) and applied to most eye shapes.

eyelash extensions hybrid

Fast forward ten years later, in 2010, an eyelash extension artist in Russia created a new method of eyelash extension by attaching 2-3 lashes onto one lash. It was at that moment we discovered how impressive it was which made a significant step forward in the eyelash extension industry.

So when did hybrid eyelash extensions appear?

Not long after the volume technique came, hybrid eyelash extensions were created. In the mid-2010s, the eyelash extension industry had grown with various thicknesses, lengths, and curls instead of the original 0.15mm and 0.20mm thicknesses. Since then, eyelash extensions have become a popular art form within the beauty industry with new techniques. That's when hybrid lash extensions were born. It was the work of combining the two most basic eyelash extension techniques, Classic and Volume. After that, more luxurious styles came about such as: Kim-K, Wispy and Wet look.

With the growing development of the eyelash extension industry, lash artists now can optimize their lashing time with innovative products such as premade fans, or at LLBA, we offer promade fans with various materials and sizes.

Why do our clients love hybrid eyelash extensions?

eyelash hybrid

Hybrid extension lashes have won the hearts of women for many reasons. First of all, it gives the client a natural look while still giving the lash set a definite edge. A hybrid set will look fuller than the classic set, but will give more volume. It won’t be as full as the volume style though. Everything is aligned with the right proportions to give an eye-catching look without being too sharp.

Secondly, hybrid eyelash extensions are best known for covering the sparse areas among the natural lashes. However, every client's have different eye shapes so a professional lash artist should know how to identify the right length and size of the eyelash extensions for them. You may encounter complex cases on your career path, such as thick, sparse, or uneven lashes, sometimes straight, short lashes, etc. So what is a flexible eyelash extension style that utilizes the most of the advantages of eyelash extension techniques while also helping lash artists create unique sets? The best option would be  hybrid eyelash extension.

Thirdly, it is suitable for most eye types and ages. The hybrid-style lash set is also a type of eyelash extension that clients can confidently wear for any occasion such as: going to work, attending an event or a date, hanging out with friends. It is a very versatile look made for every day. We believe this is something that busy working clients love, so take the initiative to recommend them!

It is possible to achieve multiple different mapping with hybrid extension lashes such as doll eyes, open eyes, cat eyes, etc. Sometimes our clients can be very picky but, hybrid extension lashes can still satisfy them easily. They will be happy to come back!

The requirements of a hybrid eyelash extension set are:

As mentioned above, hybrid-lash extensions have many advantages such as versatility for each eye shape. However, it also has a few limitations that new lash techs need to consider to become more efficient and professional.

First, this hybrid eyelash extension combines both volume and classic eyelash extensions techniques, so you need to think of the important specifications such as length, curl, etc. We recommend choosing diameters from 0.05 mm – 0.10 mm and 0.10 mm to 0.20 mm for classic lashes. This thickness depends on the client's natural lashes. The stronger the lashes are, the thicker lashes you can use. 

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Next is the ratio between classic eyelash extensions and volume eyelashes. Typically, it’s 50:50, which means 50% for Classic style and 50% for Volume one. However, there are also cases where the ratio could be 70:30 or 60:40. This depends on the current condition of the client's lashes, the thickness, and your client's preference.

C, CC, D will be the preferred curls for your lash set because, in our experience, those are the curls that don't make too much of a difference; they are just enough to change the client's eyes. In some exceptional cases, L, M curls are also acceptable to create effects such as cat's eye, fox's eye, etc. You can find them on our website.

eyelash hybrid extensions

In addition, to achieve the most natural look with the characteristics of hybrid eyelash extensions, you need to pay attention to the material of eyelashes! Choose super thin and black lashes that look like real eyelashes. Refer to LLBA's Super mink lashes; they are rich black with a matte finish and extremely light.

Different styles of hybrid eyelash extensions

Now, let’s dig deeper into the types of eyelash extensions that are trending in the world of eyelash extensions. 

Doll eyes: Characterized by the longest lashes being concentrated in the middle of the eye. This type of eyelash extension will make the eyes look bigger and fuller. We can divide this style into thick hybrid doll eyelash extensions and thin hybrid doll eyelash extensions. In terms of eyelash extension techniques, they are quite different. The thick hybrid doll eyelash extensions focus on the volume extension, while the classic style will serve as the background. According to experienced lash artists, the recommended lengths for this style are usually from 12 to 14mm for the longest lashes. Meanwhile, the thin hybrid doll eyelash extensions focus more on the classic part. The volume is responsible for creating highlights, the recommended lengths are 8 - 12mm, and the thickness is 0.12 - 0.15 mm. Both types of eyelash extensions are aimed to enhance the natural beauty of the client. However, you need to note that clients with large, round eyes will not suit this type of eyelash extension!

hybrid extension lashes

Open eyes: This eyelash extension is quite similar to doll eyes. This type of hybrid lashes open eye helps the lashes stand out more in the center of the eyes by widening and brightening the eyes. However, the "Open eye" style tends to gradually reduce the length on the inner and outer corner of the eyes to create symmetry. Therefore, if your client has long eyes but has drooping eyelids, sparse, uneven eyelashes, hybrid lashes are the type of eyelash extension you should apply. Some factors you need to take into account are 8mm for the corners of the lashes and 12 to 14mm for the central part. The curls that are the most natural are C, CC, D, but you can adjust them to the client's needs. At LLBA, you will easily find these eyelashes.

Cat eyes: This is the most popular type of lash style. This article won't talk much about the technique because everyone knows that cat eyes have an increased length towards the end of the eyes. We want to remind you to be careful about the length of the lashes. The perfect lengths for a hybrid cat eye would be 8 mm to 13 mm. You need to do the classic eyelash extension first, then do the volume, and don't forget to pay attention to the placement of single eyelashes and fans to create the required look of this style. You should choose mink lashes because they are ultra-light and natural for this eyelash extension.

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Fox eyes: This can even be called a more advanced version of cat eyes. It is still the eyelashes that gradually increase towards the outer corner of the eyes with the maximum length used. For this style, you can mix single lashes with fands from 3D - 5D - 7D in L curl. This intentional arrangement help correct the flaws of sparse and unbalanced eyelashes, making the eyes more attractive. The thicknesses are also versatile from 0.06 mm to 0.14 mm. In particular, the volume portion of the set will be more noticeable for the Fox eye hybrid eyelash extension, while the Classic part continues to be the background. 

Hybrid wispy lash extensions: A brief tutorial

Wispy lash sets seem to be the growing trend right now in the beauty industry and seems quite new for clients. But when it comes to Kim K eyelash extensions, everyone should have heard about it before!

hybrid eyelash extension

An extension style and upward beauty trend are Wispy eyelash extensions. Wispy seems quite new for clients, but when it comes to Kim K eyelash extensions, everyone would have heard about it! The look of Kim K when combined with alternating lengths of lashes fans from 2 to 6 lashes on a real lash is impressive but natural and liberal. 

For volume, the lengths are from 7 mm to 14 mm while the thickness is small, only from 0.03 mm to 0.05 mm. For a classic, lashes are usually 10 mm to 20 mm long and 0.07 mm to 0.10 mm thick. Besides, the recommended curls for this style are C, CC, or D curl.

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How to choose the right length?

We have different specifications in two classic and volume lashing techniques for Hybrid wispy lash extensions. First, for Classic, we suggest you consider the thickness from 0.10 mm to 0.20 mm for the shortest and longest lashes, respectively, and the recommended thickness is 0.07mm – 0.10mm. With volume, this specification slightly changes length from 0.8mm to 0.14mm, and consistency from 0.03 mm to 0.07 mm with super light lashes.

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Also, CC and D are the two most common curls for hybrid lashes. However, D curl is used more often since its 70-degree curl helps open the eyes naturally.

How to do the set of eyelashes:

First, you need to understand that this eyelash extension requires good technique, so it takes patience and regular practice. There are two techniques, volume and classic, but the lashes will be intertwined with one another so that it will look natural. In addition, you will also hear the term "pillars" in Wispy eyelash extensions, which is how eyelash artists divide the distance to place long eyelashes or need to create spikes. A perfect hybrid wispy eyelash extension is about enhancing the clients natural eyes without giving too much change. 

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It is important that you are using top quality products when trying to achieve this set. You also need to regularly change the amount of glue to avoid the glue from drying out. One tip is to pay attention to the weather when choosing glue. We offer La Magnétique for summer and Speedy for winter as these are two of LLBA's best sellers.

hybrid eyelashes

In addition, adjusting the eyelash direction is an important factor when you want to complete the perfect Hybrid Wispy set. According to our experience, you should put the lashes straight forward in the middle of the eyes. The tips of eyelashes are parallel to each other, so the direction of the eyelashes at the inner and outer of the eyes should gradually spread to the sides to create the same effect as when you apply your fingers evenly. 

Choosing the right curls for hybrid eyelashes extensions

When it comes to hybrid lash extensions, the importance of curls is important, as in other lash sets. The commonly used curls for hybrid lash extension will be C, CC, D, DD, and L, although you can use other curls if it suits the client’s natural eyes.

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Some clients ask if they could use J, B, and M curls in hybrid lashes besides mentioned curls. The answer is yes, however the lash artist needs to consider carefully based on the clients’ eye shape and personal style to have the right choice. Hybrid eyelashes extension is a combination of classic and volume, so they need to be natural but still have the ability to stand out. And the curl is what makes the difference. Lashes that are too straight or too curved will limit making the eyelashes lively and open.

Furthermore, professional lash artists are also ready to "play" with different curls. They can mix and match them together to increase the natural look of lashes or create a unique set of eyelashes. However, you should not make too much difference between the curls!

Above are some sharings about a hybrid lash extension. We hope they will help you become more proficient and professional on the road ahead. Follow our blog for more useful information!