Hybrid natural lashes: A guide for new lash techs

As the name implies, natural lashes are a type of eyelash extension that mainly mimic your natural lashes. It focuses on concealing the flaws of eyes and enhancing the inherent shape of the client's eyelashes. When combined with hybrid lashes to create hybrid natural lashes, the technician wants to take advantage of techniques to make the eyes more attractive and increase the eyelashes' thickness. This type of eyelash extension is for clients who like subtleness and is perfect for an everyday look.

What are hybrid natural eyelashes?

Mimicking the natural lashes is something you'll see in hybrid natural eyelashes. This technique will give a natural result by adding a bit of length and volume to the eyes, which will enhance the client’s eyes. 

As a result, hybrid natural lashes give your clients confidence, a delicate and simple beauty.

Who should choose hybrid natural lashes?

It would be great to recommend this style to a client who doesn't want to have a massive change or has almond-shaped eyes that need a little extra care to be perfect.

For clients who have sparse and thin natural lashes, hybrid natural lashes will help cover the flaws and improve the size of the eyes.

hybrid lashes natural

A quick tutorial to hybrid natural eyelash extensions

We will talk about the basic steps and requirements to get the perfect hybrid natural lashes.

Step 1: Need to determine the condition of the natural eyelashes. You will clean the eyelashes and evaluate the length and thickness of the real eyelashes. You should talk to your clients before the treatment to find out if they are allergic to any ingredients. Similarly, if they have ever had eyelash extensions, confirm with them if they are hypersensitive to products associated with eyelash extensions or not.

Step 2: Determine the ratio of Classic and Volume in hybrid natural lashes for each client. Usually, the proportion of Classic type will be more than Volume one to aim for the naturalness of the overall lashes after the treatment.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate type of eyelashes and specifications. We recommend you to use artificial mink lashes since it is super light, super thin and has almost the same colour as natural eyelashes. You can refer to products from LLBA's Velvet Super Mink Lashes line with a variety of mixed and single lengths, curland thicknesses. For hybrid natural lashes, you can use eyelashes with a small thickness from 0.03 mm to 0.05 mm, besides, the recommended thickness is from 8 mm to 12 mm. It would help if you relied on the actual eyelash situation and the client's wishes to choose the proper parameters about the curls.

hybrid lashes natural

Step 4: When doing eyelash extensions, the Classic part will be the foundation, while the Volume part is to help the lashes appear thicker and have highlights. Prioritize doing short eyelashes before long ones to avoid missing out on any details of lashes.

Step 5: Check the eyelashes for the last time, clean the eyelashes, do not leave excess glue, pay attention to the base to make sure it’s flush with the natural lash and eyelash extensions. Teach your clients how to care for their new set of lashes at home.

LLBA products you can use for this set

We used to be eyelash extensions technicians before being a reputable manufacturer, we understand technicians' concerns. Therefore, you can rest assured about what we recommend below:

hybrid natural lashes

Eyelash extension glue: Before choosing a suitable glue, you must regularly pay attention to changing the glue at least three times in 1 hour. Fresh glue will give much better results. In addition, you should pay attention to space, humidity and weather when choosing. Currently, we suggest "Hook-up" glue that works well with Classic, Volume and professional lash fans. If you are already an experienced technician, "Speedy 0.5 seconds" will be the best choice for you.

Eyelash extensions: At LLBA, you have many choices to choose from, especially the Velvet Super Mink Eyelashes product line. They come with high-quality materials, extremely light, smooth and covered with a matte finish that feels real. In Particular, durability is higher than many similar products. You can also find flat lashes in single and mixed thicknesses. All LLBA eyelash extensions are available in a full range of curls, thicknesses, and lengths for all types of eyelash extensions.

hybrid natural lashes

Tweezers: "Gracie Silver Collection" tweezers with elegant design and impressive height are an excellent solution to help you save time. In particular, the tweezers are also anti-static and anti-magnetic to help you pick up or attach eyelashes accurately and neatly. Indeed, you will feel comfortable when using them.

hybrid natural lashes

Eye pads: Do you believe that your clients can both have a beautiful eyelash extension and reduce dark circles on the face? We're not kidding. Our hydrogel pads have collagen-activated properties that help reduce dark areas. Do not forget to share this with your clients.

Lash Mirror: This is a great assistant to help you check the lower eye of eyelashes after finishing the extension. While your client does not need to open her eyes, every corner of their new lash set is still apparent.

The final product we want to suggest is Disposable Dental Bibs: Keep everything neat and clean. Just spread this dental bib on the lash pillow and dispose of it after each use. It's waterproof and wide enough for any surface.

These are the best sellers of the LLBA that you should use. They won't let you down! Lastly, don't forget to follow us for more helpful information, such as these hybrid natural lashes guides, to perfect your professionalism.