Doll eye hybrid lashes: A guide for new lash technicians

If you have ever heard of big round doll eyes with curled eyelashes attracting all on-lookers, then doll eyes are the type of eyelash extensions that create such a look. This type of extension was once a beauty trend for young ladies. Now, this type is combined with hybrid lashes that experts still call doll eye hybrid eyelashes to create a look that is not only open and round, extremely cute, but also modern and youthful. Once again, doll eye hybrid lashes continue to be the style in clients favorite list.

What are doll eyes lashes?

Doll eyes is an eyelash shape that simulates a lovely doll makeup style for the eyelashes. This type of eyelash extension is that the center of the eye is attached with the longest lashes. Currently, many clients choose hybrid doll eyelash extensions as a perfect way to beautify their eyes by highlighting the beauty and covering their flaws. This eyelash extension is ideal for clients with sparse lashes. The result of the doll eye style is a youthful, cute look with moderately open eyes.

Who should choose doll eye hybrid lashes?

doll eye hybrid lashes

Because of the stunning effect of the doll eye mapping with hybrid lashes, almost every eyelash extension lover wants to try this style at least once. In general, hybrid doll eyelashes are not too picky about eye shapes, so you can be confident to advise this style for the right clients. Let's look at some eye shapes so you can compare:

First of all, the  doll eye mapping for hybrid lashes will be very suitable for clients with monolids or drooping eyelids. This type of eyelash extension will cover the flaws, perfect the eyelashes, make the eyes look bigger, rounder, more natural, thereby helping your clients look more youthful. In addition, almond-shaped eyes and eyes with dark eyelids are also two eye shapes suitable for this eyelash extension.

Next are big, round eyes. For this eye shape, the application of doll eye hybrid lashes can make the eyes look unbalanced lacking in aesthetics, so please consider your options carefully.

A quick tutorial on hybrid doll eyelashes

hybrid doll eye

This section will talk about practical experiences and the latest trends to help you become a more skilled eyelash extension technician as quickly as possible. The most extended length applied to the central part of the eye is usually from 12 mm to 14 mm, then gradually decreases to the outer to the inner corners of the eyes. The classic part is considered the base layer, while the volume part will use 3D - 5D fans depending on the strength of the natural eyelashes.

For thin hybrid doll eyelash extensions, it typically fills the gaps of natural thin eyelashes, increasing the density while maintaining the natural look. The lash artist will apply classic lashes and fans on one individual lash in the ratio of 70:30. The average length for this eyelash extension will be 8-14 mm. The recommended thickness is 0.12 - 0.15 mm for classic eyelashes and 0.05-0.10 mm for volume lashes.

On the contrary, thick hybrid doll eyelash extensions make the eyes look glamorous, so the volume eyelash extension technique is used to make the eyelashes significantly thicker, applying 3-4 lashes to each natural eye. The typical curl will be C, CC and D.

Thus, depending on the client’s request and the strength of their natural lashes, you can choose the appropriate eyelash extension method.

LLBA products you can use for this set

Some products we recommend for the doll eye hybrid lashes set are:

Many types of lashes - this is an essential thing in every eyelash extension treatment. At LLBA, we have a wide range of products for you to choose from.

First, Velvet Super Mink Lashes: the first advantage of Velvet Super Mink Lashes is that they are light and dark. Most clients have said that it feels like real eyelashes! This product line is also favored by a matte black coating that creates the feeling of natural eyelashes that very few products of the same type have. You can also find all the curls, thicknesses, and lengths you need for all kinds of eyelash extensions, not just hybrid doll eyelashes.

Second is Flat Lashes: This product is flattened at the base of lashes and curls towards the tip, helping the eyes look wider. These lashes are suitable for classics with a tremendous black matte coating. With the flat lashes product line, besides single lengths, we offer varied sizes from 8 to 15mm and small to large curls, about eyelash extension adhesives. If you are a beginner, don't hesitate to choose “Hook-up” glue, that is great for Volume and Classic style. However, if you are a professional lash artist, then “Speedy” glue is something you cannot ignore because it saves you a lot of drying time.

hybrid doll eyelash extensions

(Pic Flat lashes)

For tweezers, the Gracie Silver Collection is also a smart choice: A perfect combination with an ideal length makes it easy for technicians to apply lashes. They're anti-static and anti-magnetic, so those delicate lashes won't stick. Made from stainless steel and Anti- Static Stainless Steel, these tweezers are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

hybrid doll eyelash extensions

Hydro Gel Eye Under Pads: Share with your clients that they can get a beautiful set of eyelash extensions AND get help with dark circles under their eyes at the same time! That's right, you do not hear that wrong! At LLBA, the under-eye pads stimulate collagen production under the eyes, reducing pigmentation that causes darkening of the skin. Your client will love this and what will make it even easier is that you’ll also have many sizes to choose from to suit each client.

Lash map sticker: For newbies, map stickers will be of great help in shaping the shape of your eyelashes, avoiding errors in parameters before the treatment.

hybrid doll eyelashes

Lash Mirror: This is a specialized mirror. In spite of not being a necessary product, we recommend it because it helps you see very clearly the sides of the eyelashes, especially the top of lashes without asking your client to open their eyes. Here is a tip for those who want to achieve perfection and create flawless lashes.

Disposable Value Pack Dental Bib: highly water-resistant, generous coverage that covers the work area, under the head and keeps the lash pillow clean. Of course, no client is amused when everything is messy. Show your dedication and professionalism with such specialized products.

hybrid doll eyelashes

Finally, you can recommend to your clients "Prolong Cleanser Concentrate," a product that can be used as a "shampoo" for eyelashes. In particular, the concentrated and foaming essence of the product will give the user an immaculate and easy-to-use feeling. Remember to tell your clients to combine the right amount of distilled water in a foaming bottle to get the best results.

hybrid doll eyelashes

Hopefully, the above sharing is helpful for you! Don’t forget to follow our blog for more information.