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Everything you need to know about promade fans

For starting, we would suggest you should start with 5D 0.07 or 6D 0.05 lashes.

If you are looking for a hybrid, 4D 0.07/ 5D 0.05/ 6D 0.05 would be your top choice. You can mix those ones with the classic 0.15/ 0.18 or 0.2.
If you want a more fluffy volume set, there are 5D 0.07/ 6D 0.07 or 7D 0.05 available.
Lastly, for a mega set, you would need to buy from 8D 0.05/ 10D 0.03 and up.

Loose fan orders are normally packed with a silicon pad. That you can use to set up the promade fans.

How to use it?
Option 1: Using fast during your appointment
- Put the silicone pad in a flat surface or near your workspace. Take a bundle of loose fans you gonna use, and then put them on the silicon pads.Gently use your tweezers to separate them and start lashing.

Option 2: Prepare slowly before your appointment

- Put the silicone pad in a flat surface or near your workspace. Arrange the premade inline (just like you stick it on a double sticky tape). Each line is one size/curl/ diameter.

All lashes will be processed 2-12 hours after placement. Friday evening and weekend orders will be shipped on Monday morning. 

Canada Shipping: 2-4 business days. 
US Shipping: 1-3 business days. (Except the remote areas, military areas, which could take up to 5 business days.

Our pro-made fans are lightweight and minimum glue at the base. Therefore, when you dip them into the glue, it would absorb a tiny amount of glue. Therefore, you need to dip at least 1s so the base will take enough glue. (Tips: when you take it out of the glue dot, it should bed coated with a soft blob of glue around).

When applied, you should to apply from the underneath side or one side of the natural lashes. After positioning rightly, hold them for 0.5-1s for better attachment. Recommended glue: 1-2s with a medium thick viscosity.

For best retention, we would suggest you should apply from one side or from the underneath side of the natural lashes.

Why you need to do that?
- Maximize the contact points between the natural lashes and your promade fans
- Wrap the natural lashes better and lift them up, even the most stubborn lashes to create a good bonding structure.

For a video instruction, you can CLICK HERE

We have Sezzle, that is 4 instalment payment over 6 weeks. When it comes to checkout, instead of paying by credit/ debit card, you will choose Sezzle to pay and create your account. It is interest-free.

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