Cat eye hybrid lashes: A guide for new lash techs

A quick guide to cat eye hybrid lashes

It can be said that cat eye hybrid lash extensions are one of the most popular styles of eyelash extension since it enhances the natural beauty of two basic eyelash extensions consisting of Classic and Volume extensions. Classic will give a natural enhancement while volume will give more density to the lashes. Ladies who wear eyelash extensions for the first time will be quite hesitant to wear cat eye hybrid eyelashes. While classic lash extensions play the role of a base foundation to enhance the client’s natural beauty, volume one can give the set of eyelashes more density and prominence. One of the followers of this type of lash extension is Taylor Swift who always amazes everyone with her beautiful eyes.

Therefore, we believe this article will be for you, especially those who are new to eyelash extensions. A quick guide to cat eye hybrid lashes – Let’s go!

The most suitable eye shapes for hybrid cat eye eyelash extensions

When deciding to perform hybrid cat eye lashes, technicians need to evaluate many factors and give detailed advice to clients. Those who have slanted, monolids, drooping eyelids, small eyes, long and small eyes, won’t benefit from hybrid cat eyelashes. In addition, you also need to check the health status as well as the length of the natural eyelashes so that you can choose the most suitable type and material of eyelashes. Beautiful hybrid cat eyelashes are a combination of different curls with an increasing length towards the end of the eyes. Therefore, besides considering the above elements, using lash fans to create the appropriate density is also very important. Avoid creating a feeling of heavy eyes or rough eyelash shape since your clients will immediately notice it. Be careful!

Some basic steps to perform hybrid cat eyelash extensions

First of all, clean the lashes: You need to make sure that the client's eyelashes are cleaned. This is the most important thing that you absolutely must not skip. Use a lash foam bath or apply primer for the best canvas before of applying extensions and maximize good retention. 

hybrid cat eye eyelash extensions

Second, choose the right length: Although hybrid cat eye lashes are preferred in terms of length, according to many experts, the best length for this style is from 8 to 13 mm but there are also exceptions. Another point you need to consider is that the feature of hybrid lashes is long towards the outer corner of the eyes, so you should balance the length to avoid the eyes looking too sharp and heavy.

In case your clients attend parties, important events, etc... or they are actors and models, people who frequently appear in public, using this length will be more appropriate.

hybrid cat eyelash extensions

When drawing a lash map, you need to divide the length reasonably. It is best that the eyelashes are only 1-3 mm of length more. Do not create a big difference between them because it can lose the inherent eye shape.

Third, create a slight inclination for the eye shape: This is a typical characteristic of the cat eye shape. When starting to do eyelashes extension, you can apply Classic lashes first, then apply volume ones. However, many beginners will often find it difficult to put the lashes straight. In terms of thickness, depending on the client's requirements to choose thicknesses of 0.03 mm, 0.05 mm, and 0.07 mm for volume. A small note is that you should choose carefully the thickness, otherwise it will be heavy on the eyes. For classic in this style, you can use thicknesses of 0.10 mm, 0.12 mm, and 0.15 mm. 

hybrid cat eyelashes

A good tip for you is that as soon as your right hand has placed the lash in the vertical direction of the natural lash, your left hand uses tweezers to separate the eyelash fans that you have just done towards the end of the eye. This will help the glue that has not yet dried to tilt in the direction you want. At the same time, when doing this quickly, it also helps the eyelashes tilt slightly in the right direction while still sticking to real lashes without falling off.

If you are a skilled technician, you can also create the necessary inclination for hybrid cat eyelash extensions by placing the lash directly over the real lash with a small inclination.

Fourth, it is material used for eyelash extensions: Use premade eyelash fans! This is advice for those who do not have much experience because premade eyelash fans are designed to help technicians and lash artists save a lot of time applying eyelash extensions. Thanks to that, you can have enough time to adjust and take good care of your client's new lashes. It will be even better if you choose artificial mink lashes or synthetic eyelashes since many clients share that they feel light and comfortable when wearing a set of eyelashes made of above materials. They also love eco-friendly products like that. 

Above are the basic points as well as small tips to help you practice faster and more accurately hybrid cat eye eyelash extensions. If you need specialized products to help you feel more confident when performing eyelash extensions or create an impression of professionalism with clients, do not hesitate to contact us. Please leave a comment below this article if you have any questions, we are always ready to serve you. At LLBA Professional, you can not only save costs, but also own good quality products. That's our top commitment to clients! Furthermore, we usually offer special promotions such as free shipping, valuable gifts, etc. Don’t forget to follow our blog to get more useful information!