How to perform a hybrid lashes set using C curl

C curl is a curl that is said to be the best fit for natural lashes. In addition, for clients with slightly drooping eyelids, or clients with with straight lashes, C curl is a great choice. Especially, in hybrid eyelash extensions, a C curl is used to keep the the set light and soft while moderately opening the eyes to look lively and attractive. Follow the article below to get more in-depth knowledge about C curl in general and hybrid lashes using C curl in particular!

What is C Curl and when to choose it?

d curl hybrid lashes

C curl is the standard in the lash world, which has a curl of about 60 degrees, and is favored for its ability to bring a natural look. Clients with straight eyelashes should choose C curl since it helps to lift the eyelashes naturally and makes the eyes stand out more. For hybrid lashes using C curl are also applied in many types of eyelash extensions such as: hybrid look natural, cat eyes, open eyes, etc.

Sometimes, C curl can be mixed with other curls such as CC curl and D curl to get a dramatic look. The suitable length for a set of C curl hybrid lashes is usually from 8 mm to 15 mm while the thickness of each lash is from 0.15 mm or 0.20 mm. Currently, when choosing eyelash extension products, you can completely choose the mixed eyelash trays to save money. In addition, for volume, the recommended thickness is 0.05 - 0.07 mm. An eyelash fan usually has 3 - 5 lashes depending on the health of the real eyelashes and the needs of the client in order to choose the right one.

Who  are hybrid lashes (using C curl) for?

hybrid d curl lashes

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, C curl is highly recommended by eyelash extensions technicians and loved by most clients. The reason for this is the popularity and the ability to apply C curl to the natural lash, especially for first-time clients. However, this does not mean it will be the right curl for all clients!

First of all, please don't forget to check the condition of the real lashes and the shape of the client's eyes. If they have a little bit of drooping or straight lashes or deep eyes, hybrid lashes using C curl is a great choice since it can help their eyes look wider naturally with lifting their real lashes at a moderate level. It's hard to notice the difference between real eyelashes and eyelash extensions.

Feel free to apply hybrid lashes using C curl to different eye shapes (monolid, drooping eyes, etc.) as long as you pay attention to the ratio between classic lashes and volume fans in order to get that glamorous yet elegant look. In addition, hybrid lashes using C curl are also suitable for almond eyes.

hybrid lashes d curl

However, there are always exceptions that you need to be aware of! First, eyes with eyelashes growing downward. You need to pay attention to those because hybrid lashes using C curl only have a slight curl and won’t be able to lift the eyelashes as much. Next is to check if your clients have big, round eyes. According to professional eyelash extensions artists, this is an eye shape has both easy and hard  aspects to conquer / this is the eye shape that new technicians need to pay attention to. This eye shape is inherently quite attractive, so choosing the right curl to enhance its beauty is not easy. There are also cases where technicians, because they respect the natural look of real eyelashes too much, complete the eyelash extension set but does not bring out its full effect.

In summary, there are not many notes for hybrid lashes using C curl but you should also share your knowledge with clients and help them make the best choice.

The secrets for stunning hybrid lashes using C curl

You might think that there's nothing more to say about hybrid lashes using C curl. Actually, the following tips and tricks are not quite the technical steps that you often see in textbooks but in this article, we have gathered valuable tips from our own experiences to share with you.

First, the recommended ratio for hybrid lashes using C curl would be 50:50, meaning 50% for classic and 50% for volume one (classic will be in the background). This type of mapping makes the C curl of lashes even and more unison. In terms of volume technique, we recommend you choose the premade fans since they are very convenient and save time. 

Next, in order to achieve a beautiful hybrid lashes set using C curl, pay attention to the material of the eyelash extensions. As you know, clients who choose C curl will often prioritize the naturalness of their real lashes. Therefore, we often recommend our clients to use fake mink lashes (synthetic mink) since they are extremely light, have the same color as real lashes and save a lot of money compared to mink lashes. Moreover, this is also an eco-friendly and cruelty-free product.

hybrid lashes d curl

Choose eyelash trays that are packed in anti-fracture boxes. Surely you will not be satisfied if your newly packed eyelash orders come broken or the tip of the eyelashes is damaged by impact, right? In fact, this problem can still occur and is quite annoying for users.

Finally, do not forget to guide your clients to take care of their eyelashes after the treatment! We recommend that they regularly clean and condition their lashes with specialized products and have their lashes checked and refilled after 2-3 weeks. 

Good luck achieving a hybrid lashes set using C curl and please share your knowledge with us!