The brief history of classic eyelash extensions

So where and when did classic lash extensions start? It didn’t appear out of the blue. Before the classic extensions, we had the strip lashes, which are still popular today, which are applied on the top of the eyelid, but it isn’t permanent. You usually need to take them off at the end of the day, which is not always convenient for people who want to save time getting ready, or for people who have long days.

Some believe that the classic lash trend originated in Japan in the early millennium and became popular in the U.S.A in the early 2000s inspired by Korea. Women wanted to have more natural lashes, which inspired the technique of eyelash extension.  From that time, the industry continued to innovate, and new techniques such as hybrid, and volume eyelashes came out. In the 2010s, even magnetic lashes came out, but eyelash extensions are still one of the most popular trends in the beauty industry. 

We see a lot of people wearing eyelash extensions, using terms such as ‘’classic’’, ‘’hybrid’’ and ‘’volume’’, but today, let’s take some time to define what exactly are “classic lash extensions”? Don’t worry! We’ll talk about the other types of eyelash extensions, very soon. 

What are classic eyelash extensions?

classic eyelash extension

As you probably know, in the beauty industry, eyelash extension is a very popular trend that women love. It is achieved by a certified lash artist.

Classic lash extensions are when a lash technician places one classic lash extension to one natural lash with the ratio being 1:1. Classic lashes are a perfect fit in a client’s everyday routine – from work to home as well as out and about on the town.  They are very versatile and are suitable for everyday wear. They are semi-permanent, which means they usually last 4-8 weeks when applied properly. Clients usually need to get an infill done 2-3 weeks after their first set in order to keep their lashes looking fresh and good all the time.

Clients usually love the idea of having semi-permanent eyelash extensions because they look good all the time without having to apply makeup, during the day or night time. All they need to do is to maintain their eyelash extension by being more careful.

How are classic eyelash extensions made?

The brief history of classic eyelash extensions

There are 3 types of materials used for making eyelash extensions which are: silk lashes, faux mink lashes, and real mink lashes. 

Silk lashes are made from Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) which is a polyester product that has a broad variety of uses. Silk lashes present themselves differently in regards to weight, overall shape, and finish. These types of lashes offer a semi-gloss appearance that is just admirable. If you’re going for a dramatic lash set, lashes with a silk appearance are something to strongly consider. 

Faux Mink lashes are made of a material used to mimic real mink fur.  This is great for those who are wanting to use materials that are against animal cruelty or those who have allergies. They are made from PBT as well. Faux mink eyelashes are designed to be soft and to resemble real fur. Curl loss when coming in contact with water is not an issue with faux mink.

Real Mink lashes include fur from the Siberian mink, cashmere mink and many others. This option is not popular because it is not easy to control the quality of the lashes, the possibility of contamination due to it coming from an animal, and the fact that it can cause allergic reactions. 

classic lash extension

LLBA Professional’s supermink

Type of classic eyelash extensions

Did you know that there are two types of classic eyelashes? There are the regular ones, and there are the ones called ‘’flat lashes’’. Flat lashes are used in order to give more volume to the clients, but still with a classic set.


LLBA Professional flat lashes

Flat lashes have a wider base, which allows the lashes to look darker than reality.  The first thing that comes to our mind is that flat lashes are probably heavier since they look thicker, but the truth is: they are less heavy than natural lashes. Their flat base makes the lash extension less heavy, which allows the lashes to look full without damaging the natural lashes. 

Flat Lashes

The most popular diameters for classic lashes and flat lashes are anywhere from 0.12 mm to 0.20 mm. The most popular lengths for classic lashes and flat lashes are anywhere from 8 mm to 14 mm.  

As a lash artist, it is your job to make sure to choose the right diameter and length in order to keep your clients' lashes healthy. Some lash suppliers offer the rule on the tweezers in order to help you measure your client’s lashes. LLBA Professional is one of the brands that offer that. 

How do classic eyelash extensions look?

Classic lashes set gives the most natural effect. If your clients love the natural look, similar to when you brush on mascara, a classic set will be the perfect set for you.  

Make sure to take some time to discuss with your client before starting to apply the eyelashes. Take the time to see what their preferences are, and what kind of look they are going for. Some clients prefer the dramatic look, and it wouldn’t be the best choice to offer classic lashes to clients who love thick and full eyelash extensions. Also make sure to know what kind of effect they want to achieve with their eyelashes so that you can try to figure out which mapping would suit their face and features. 

Different types of curls for classic extensions

What is also important is the eyelash curls. At the most basic level, eyelash extension curls are curves on the extensions that help highlight the face and the eyes. As facial features and eye shapes vary from one person to another, it is important to take the time to choose the right eyelash curl as well as have many different types of curls on hand to suit the needs of every client. Not only do you need to consider the client's features, but also the way their natural lashes and the shape of their eyes, to choose the right curl.

curl C D CC DD

+ C Curl

C curl is a beautiful natural curl, best for people who already have a little curl in their natural lashes. This curl will help create an open eye for these clients. This curl isn’t recommended for people who have downward natural lashes. 

+ CC Curl

Clients and lash artists usually love this curl because it maintains a level of normalcy as well as giving the lashes an uplifting look.  If what the client wants is something that seems naturally curly and a bit dramatic, with more than adequate volume, go for CC. You can compare this to the C Curl and see how it is a bit more curled, but less than D curl. The CC Curl usually features a 65-degree angle and can really help open up the eyes for those with lashes that point downward. 

+ D Curl

D curl is great for people who like the dramatic look and have downward natural lashes to create an open eye. It is not recommended for people who have upward natural lashes because it could result in very curled and intense round eyes. Those who wear glasses on a regular basis, may want to use a D curl as it will not touch the glasses too much. 

+ DD Curl

This curl is also recommended for people who have downward lashes, wishing for an extravagant open eyes effect. This curl provides the most lift and tends to be the most dramatic. It's very popular as more lift and visible lash lines are the trend.

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+ B Curl

B curl is the most natural curl, used to give more length. If what you want is a kind of subtle aesthetic for your curls, the B Curl would be the best option. Its base is straight and the contortion of the curve is gradual, meaning it will frame your eyes gently and will not overdo things in regards to lift.

+ L curl

If you’re looking to have a wide-eyed kind of look, then the L Curl is the best candidate to help you achieve it. The L curl can be used best for those with deep-set eyes or older clients with hooded, droopy eyelids to provide a fantastic lift effect. If applied successfully, it can be very visually appealing.  However, this curl is not very good for natural lashes that angle downward, since the long flat base can make the overall look appear too conservative.

Types of classic eyelash extensions mappings

Classic natural look

The “natural” look is one that will fit everyone since we’ll follow the lengths of the natural lashes. The lengths will change gradually with no dramatic effect. We start with a short length, such as 8 mm in the inner corner, and the second length usually starts at the center of the pupil. Then, the longest length is at the edge of the pupil, and we end with shorter lashes.

This look is best for people who want to have a natural look, without changing their natural eyes drastically. 

Classic open eye

Classic open eye

No need to say more about it, this is a popular mapping in order to give big round eyes to your clients! With this style, the eyelid is emphasized by adding volume and length in the middle, tapering down at each end to create symmetrical graduation. The corner lashes would be around 8mm, followed by the middle lashes around 12-14mm. 

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Classic doll eyes

For most clients, doll eye sets would be the ideal set for their eyes. We will go over the basics of the doll eye style and how to create the perfect lash map for you to create this wildly popular style during your lashing appointments.

The Doll Eye is a cross between the natural and open eye styles and has the longest lashes on the middle of the eye.

The doll eyes style has the longest lengths in the middle and shorter lengths on the inner and outer eyelashes. This mapping will make the eyes appear bigger by ‘’opening’’ up the eyes. 

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Classic cat eyes

Classic cat eyes

This style might be familiar from eye makeup tutorials, where eyeliner is used to create a swish around the outer corner of the eye. The same can be done with eyelash extensions but in a more dramatic way. The “cat-eye” effect can also give the illusion of having wider eyes by placing long lashes in the outer corners of the eyes. Cat-eye effect can usually be done with usual curls such as C or CC curls. This will give a nice natural eyelash effect. The longest eyelashes are in the outer corner, but we usually put a few lashes that are shorter in the last lash in the corner since they tend to be weaker. If you wish to give an even more dramatic cat eye, the outer corner eyelash extensions should be applied on the natural lashes with an angle of 45 degrees. This will ensure a beautiful cat-eye effect. 

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Classic Wispy Lashes

This has been an up-and-coming trend as of recently within the lash industry. This type allows the eyes to look bigger but still gives a natural effect, following the different lengths in the natural eyelashes. 

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How do we achieve this look? 

For this set, usually, lash artists are using classic/flat lash extensions to create wispy sets without having to use any volume fans that have been fanned out. When it comes to a classic wispy look, all you need to do is to process the same way with classic lashes. These are achieved by using “spikes” that are 3-4mm longer in length than what you're using throughout the set. 

An example of this would be: 8mm inner corners, then 9mm and 12mm spikes, back down to 10mm and then 13 mm spikes, and so on. The spikes used are usually two classic lashes with very thin bases to adhere to the natural lash. This set is more popular with volume eyelashes, but it is possible to achieve it with classic eyelash extensions, but it is less popular.


For someone who is trying lash extensions for the first time, a classic set would be your best choice to gauge how much you’re willing to add or take away. Maybe you’ll realize that having classic extensions isn't giving you that “oomph” that you want. Or maybe, you’ll decide that classic eyelash extensions are perfect for you. Regardless of what you choose, remember that eyelash extensions are there to enhance the natural beauty that we all possess.