Classic natural eyelash extensions for beginners

Classic natural eyelash extensions are among the popular lash styles favored by women around the world. So what is it exactly and how can you make it? This article will go through its 

What are classic natural eyelash extensions?

classic natural eyelash extensions

Classic eyelash extension is a technique used when performing eyelash extensions. It means applying one lash on every single natural lash. ‘’Natural eye’’ means to enhance the client's eyes by opening more of their eyes. That can be done with lengths being applied in a certain way, which is called open eyelash mapping.

How to do classic natural eyelash extensions

classic lashes natural look

As mentioned earlier, eyelash extensions can be applied in a ratio of 1:1. Each healthy natural eyelash will have a classic eyelash extension on it. The longest length will be in the middle, and the shortest in the inner and the outer corners will have longer lashes than the inner corners, but shorter than the middle of the eyes. 

An example of this mapping would be to have lengths of 7-8-9-10-11-12-11-10-9 mm, from the inner corner to the outer corner. This style is the most traditional for eyelash mapping. It contours the original length of the client’s eyelashes, but just adds length. This style is great for people who want to keep a natural look but are looking for darker lashes, and a little change in their facial structure.

There is no secret when it comes to lashing. The best way to improve your skills as an eyelash extension artist is by practicing. In order to get the best of this lash map, you can ask your friends and family who like to have a natural look, to practice your eyelash extension mapping and application. 

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The dos and don'ts of classic natural eyelash extensions

classic natural lash extensions

  • Make sure to discuss with your clients and what they want. 
  • Make sure to choose the right type of lashes according to their nature, so that their natural eyelashes stay healthy. 
  • Do not achieve this mapping if your client wants to have a dramatic look, it won’t change their features dramatically. 
  • Have a colored pen to help you layout your lash maps.

LLBA products for classic natural eyelash extensions

LLBA Professional carries multiple products that can be beneficial for your lash room. It will help you prep and lash. For classic lashes, here are some amazing products you can use for your clients coming for a classic lash appointment:

Flat lashes: Our flat lashes are wide at the base and give a wider look. They look absolutely beautiful in classic sets and have a rich black matte finish. These lashes come in a mixed tray (8-15mm), with various diameters: 0.12, 0.15, 0.18, 0.20 with different curls such as C, CC, and D.

Velvet Supermink lashes

Velvet Supermink lashes: These are higher quality than regular mink lashes, giving a darker appearance. They're really lightweight and great, and many people say they feel just like their own natural lashes! They are way less expensive than real mink, with all of the advantages and none of the cruelty!

Hydrogel under-eye pads: The eye patches (available in various sizes and shapes) are used to keep the customer comfortable during the eyelash extension procedure. With these on, they stimulate the skin's collagen to brighten the area under the eyes.

Lash Map stickers: Lash map stickers are a tool to help you map out your lash application. It should be placed on top of the eye pads.

Lash Mirror

Lash Mirror: A Lash Mirror is a useful tool for achieving a beautiful set. Throughout your application, use the front view lash mirror to look at the front of your sets without having your clients open their eyes! This is the way to make sure you haven’t missed any natural lashes!

Disposable Dental Bibs: Bib sheets help you keep your workspace tidy and clean. LLBA bibs are made of 2-ply paper and 1-ply poly film. The bibs are waterproof, so they're great for keeping clients clean while you're applying the lash set. They are large enough to cover a big surface area. They keep your lash pillow clean by properly covering it under their head. The bibs are also water-resistant. This bib will protect your clothes and skin from lash and brow liquids, adhesives, tint-related products, and other substances.


Although this style isn’t as widely used as many of the other popular many of its counterparts, it is still good to know the logistics and how to properly apply a natural eyelash set. Following these steps and with the right tools, you can easily achieve this look!