The making of classic lashes: D Curl, B Curl, L Curl

Classic lashes mean applying a one lash extension on every single natural eyelash for a natural look (1:1). It is an eyelash extension technique chosen in order to give the client an everyday look. Once the technique is chosen, there are also other things to consider such as diameter, lengths, type of classic eyelash, and curls. 

When it comes to choosing the right lashes for your client’s eye shape, there are many aspects to consider. Not only do eye shapes vary but every client’s lashes differ so much in terms of lengths, thickness, and curl. This can be quite tricky to choose the appropriate style, length, curl, etc., without the proper guidance. That is why it is so important as a lash tech to educate your client as to why a certain style may or may not look good on them. Education is key for a successful set and a happy customer.

In this article, we will explain in detail the eye shape and how that will translate best with lash extensions. Curls are important and can make a difference in your client’s look. Choosing the right eyelash extension curl requires some knowledge so take the time to study all the curls in order to provide the best service!

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C curl classic lashes 

The C Curl is one of the most popular curls. Usually, our clients opt for a slight curl with their extensions since they want to get an open eye effect without being too dramatic. This is exactly what the C Curl offers.

It is great for clients who have naturally curled lashes.  The C Curl will give a little push to their look that they will be sure to. If you want to give a subtle natural look, C curl is a great curl to choose. It is also a good choice for people who enjoy the cat eye effect, making their eyes wider. You’ll be able to give them the look they want by putting longer eyelash extensions at the end of their eyes. 

L curl classic lashes

The L curl is pretty much just the C curl except with a flat base. But because of this flat base, it appears slightly curvier than the M curl and is stronger as well. If your clients want to better define their eyes and want to make them look brighter and more vivid, then the L curl is a sterling option.

L curl classic lashes

L curl is great for people who love the cat-eye effect. It can be used to achieve an extreme cat-eye effect or a fox eye effect. This curl is not very good for natural lashes that angle downward, since the long flat base can make the overall look appear too conservative. 

B curl classic lashes

Its base is straight and the contortion of the B Curl is gradual, meaning it will frame your eyes gently and will not overdo things in regards to lift.

If the client is searching for a very natural appearance for their eyes, the B Curl is definitely recommended as the go-to choice. However, it depends on the situation as well. If the client has straight or downward pointing natural lashes, the B Curl can create a very subdued look

C curl classic lashes

The D curl eyelash extensions are all about the drama; if the client is someone who’s not afraid of being at the center of attention, definitely recommend this curl type. While this curl is not too dramatic, it will give a great lift without appearing drastic.

The D curl is great for creating an open-eye effect for those with downward-angled natural lashes. If the client has straight lashes and doll eyes, D curls are even more appropriate. It also looks good when used for achieving a doll eye effect. It will for sure, enhance the client’s facial features.

As we said earlier in this article, proper lash education is important for the success of your lash set and for the happiness of your client. If you make them aware of why something will or will not work, they will appreciate it more and value your knowledge. It also helps build trust amongst you and your client when you are thinking of their best intentions. You can always let your client know that if there is a different length, curl or style they want to try in their next appointment, they can definitely try it out just as long as it’s safe for the natural eyelashes. Following these guidelines will help ensure you’re choosing the right curl for your client.