Classic cat eyelash extensions for beginners

What is a classic “cat-eye” look?

We’ve seen the cat-eye look many times in the media. The beautiful eyeliner effect with a perfectly winged-out liner. But what does it mean for us in the lash industry? Can we achieve this look as well? The answer is: YES. 

Firstly, we need to understand what the cat-eye look is and how it will accentuate your client’s natural eye shape. A classic cat-eye lash style has shorter lashes on the inner corners of the eyes that progressively lengthen to long lashes on the outer corners–mimicking the shape of a winged liner! This balances out the eye shape and produces a seductive look, which is ideal for individuals with round eyes. However, people with upturned or downturned eyes should avoid the cat-eye since it can make these eye types look smaller. 

People love the cat eye set because of how it opens up the eye while the winged taper end gives a longer looking eye and an alluring, sultry, and mysterious look. Cat eyes also give the illusion of having wider eyes by having longer lashes in the outer corners of the eyes. The cat-eye style draws attention to the elegant lift at the end of the eyes and brings up that sharp, sexy vibe. It elongates most of the upturned eye shape. It might slim down round faces. This goes well with those who opt for a mysterious and exotic look that will never be out of date.

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Steps by steps for classic lashes cat eye

Classic lashes cat eye
  1. Always making sure your tools needed and workspace are prepared in advance
  2. Inspect the client’s natural lashes to choose the appropriate length and curl
  3. Choose the right TYPE of classic lashes you want to use.  Flat lashes are a recent new kind of lash that is also used in classic sets. It gives a fuller look without using volume lashes to achieve it. 
  4. Make sure you are writing the mapping onto the eye pad to make it easier to reference while working.
  5. Start your set by lashing in layers. This technique will help you make sure you lash every single natural eyelash that can support the eyelash extension.
  6. Use your lash mirror to make sure you’ve gotten all the lashes that are hiding and to make sure that the two eyes are pretty much symmetrical, both looking good. 
  7. Make sure you are tapering off the out corners with a longer length but not so much as it can make the eye look droopy. 

Curl styles that produce the cat-eye effect will be best for clients with round eyes. The right curls for this will depend greatly on the contexts and the situation of the natural lashes, but generally speaking, you can use a wide variety of curls in order to create such an effect.

Namely, the C up to D curls are great for cat eyes. Additionally, CC curls are also wonderful. You can go creative and mix them as well; for example, M and C curl combinations can sometimes be the best mixes for the cat-eye effect. 

classic lashes cat eye

The dos and don’ts of classic lashes cat eye

classic lashes cat eye
  1. Do make sure to go from short (inner corners) to long in the outer corners.
  2. Do make sure the cat eyes would suit the client’s facial features and eyes shapes.
  3. Do make sure to use healthy lengths and diameters for the clients. 
  4. Don’t use D curl. Use C curl in order to elongate the eye. L can also be used for an extreme cat-eye.  

LLBA products for classic lashes cat eye

classic lashes cat eye

Check out LLBA Professional. They have everything you need to lash. Here are some suggestions for classic sets:

Flat lashes:  Flat lashes will provide a bolder look with their flat base. These lashes are available in mixed lengths (8-15mm), in single lengths, and also in various diameters such as 0.12, 0.15, 0.18, and 0.20. They are also available in the most popular curls: C, CC, and D.

Velvet Supermink lashes: SuperMink lashes are made of faux mink, offering a matte black finish. They are cruelty-free and are great for lash artists who enjoy traditional classic lashes.

Hydrogel under-eye pads:  Those eye pads are magical, they will treat your client’s dark circles by brightening under the eyes during the eyelash extensions service. LLBA Professional has different shapes to choose from.

Lash Map stickers:  Lash map stickers are there to help you choose the right mapping.

Lash Mirror:  The Lash Mirror is useful during the application. With the front view, you’ll be able to see the front of your sets without asking your clients to open their eyes! This will ensure you lash every lash!

Disposable Dental Bibs:  Those bibs are useful to cover your pillow, in order to keep your space clean and hygienic. They are big enough to cover the entire area, and they are waterproof. So, no worries if you ever drop any liquid on that area, it will be protected by the bibs.

Following these steps will help ensure you are giving your client the classic cat-eye set that they're looking for with the best products on the market!