How to use ellipse flat eyelash extensions

In the lash world, we see a lot of new developments! The emergence of individual lash known as the Ellipse Lash is one of them, and it soon became the most current and popular style these days. Now it's time to have a look at the lovely Ellipse Lashes. Here are the advantages of these extensions, from their distinctive shape and form to their fuller look, and why they should be a lash artist's next go-to product.

Ellipse flat lashes:

Ellipse merely refers to the thin extensions' oval base, which is flat in shape. They create more dramatic and striking finishes thanks to their distinct base. The bases of conventional lashes, on the other hand, are circular. Compared to classic lash extensions, Ellipse lashes have a flat form and unique lash locking technology that keeps them in place.

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Benefits of Ellipse flat lashes:

Benefits of Ellipse flat lashes

Ellipse flat lashes offer practical application with a list of exceptional characteristics to lash artists since they are easy to work with.

  • Clients can achieve a dramatic lash look while preserving comfort and retention with ellipse flat lashes. As a result, they're a great option for clients who want drama but can't bear the weight of regular lashes.
  • Ellipse lashes have a fiber that is designed to better bond around the natural lashes, whereas standard lashes have a round base.
  • Another advantage of flat lashes is the smooth texture and retention they provide for clients' lash sets. As a matter of fact, ellipse flat eyelash extensions are not only gentle on the client's natural eyelashes, but they also aid in their lash health.
  •  They give a powerful lash-lifting curl that is less likely to lose its shape over time.
  • They help achieve an eyeliner effect by filling up the spaces between the clients' natural eyelashes.
  • Even with a single layer application, Ellipse flat lash extensions create a voluminous effect from the base to the tip.
  • Another fantastic feature to mention is the versatility of Ellipse lashes in terms of styles and textures. Ellipse lashes can be customized with regular or volume lashes to create a unique Hybrid set.

How to use ellipse flat lashes:

How to use ellipse flat lashes

Ellipse flat eyelash extensions are applied in the same way as traditional lashes, with the exception that they have a different base. So, the lash specialist takes flat lashes one by one, dips them in glue, and attaches them to each of the client's natural lashes with specially prepared tweezers. Let's discuss the Ellipse lash application's technological aspects.

Because of their oval base, Ellipse lashes should be applied on top or bottom of natural eyelashes. This method will assist you in achieving that perfect bond without worrying about early fall-out. The lashes will not all be the same length; shorter lashes will be placed in the inner corners. The only distinction is that classic lashes can be attached to natural lashes on the top, bottom, and side. However, ellipse lashes can never be applied to a natural eyelash on the side.

The key to achieving the ideal lash set is applying the right amount of lash adhesive. More than the required amount of glue can cause clumpy and delayed drying, but too little glue can lead to premature shedding. Long-lasting eyelash extensions require a high-quality adhesive, such as our signature Glue - designed for all levels. 

Lash sets using ellipse flat lashes

Lash sets using ellipse flat lashes


Ellipse flat lashes are most typically used to make a classic set, which involves attaching one extension to one of your natural lashes. By incorporating ellipse flat lashes into classic lash extension sets, your clients can achieve a naturally gorgeous look with an eyeliner effect.


Ellipse lashes can also be combined with individual and volume lashes to create a hybrid set. This will give your clients a dramatic and attractive look with better retention of ellipse flat lashes.

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Why can ellipse lashes not make fans?

Although there are so many tools, techniques, and types of lash extensions for individuals to choose from, it's crucial to experiment, test them out, and figure out what works best for you as a lash artist. You get to choose the tools and styles of lashes that best fit!

Due to the ellipse lashes' flat base, it is impossible to make a fan out of these lash extensions. They appear twice as wide as traditional classic lashes of the same size; for example, they would look like 0.15 mm, but it is actually 0.12 mm. It is not feasible to make ellipse lash fans because their concave-shaped fiber restricts them from doing so.