A full guide to flat lash extension

Flat lashes are flat at the base, as their name suggests, whereas traditional lashes are rounder. A flat base offers a broader surface area for the extensions to adhere to, which means they will bond better with the natural lashes and remain in place longer. These extensions are probably something you should stock up on. They're an excellent product to enhance natural lashes' density, length, and thickness. It can last up to 4 weeks. We'll cover all you need to know about flat lash extensions in this piece, as well as why they can be ideal for your clients!

Flat lashes are also known as Ellipse lashes. Ellipse refers to the shape of the base, which is oval rather than circular like many traditional lash extensions. These eyelash extensions have several advantages, including better retention due to their greater bonding surface area. Flat eyelash extensions can be used in most sets to provide volume and texture.

Benefits and Advantages of Flat eyelashes

Benefits and Advantages of Flat eyelashes

Flat lashes have various advantages and are ideal for usage in Classic and Hybrid lash sets. They appear thicker and more dramatic than a traditional lash of the same diameter and thickness . Flat lashes are  recommended if a client desires a dramatic look but cannot take the weight of typical lashes. They bond better to the client's natural lash due to their form. Their curve adheres to the natural lash more closely, resulting in a stronger attachment. 

Flat lashes also offer texture to the final set without adding any fan, which is a big plus for first-time clients. Here are some of their key benefits:

  • Increase volume and texture without putting on much weight.
  • Allows you to produce lashes that are darker and more dramatic.
  • Even on short or thin lashes, it's light and soothing.
  • For application, only a small amount of glue is required.
  • More dimension and drama to the eyes.
  • The adhesive fixing to the natural lash has a larger contact area, which improves retention.

Clients with short and thin lashes often desire thick and dramatic lash lines, a common dilemma for lash artists. Traditional lashes alone can't usually hold the look they want. Flat eyelashes come into play since natural lash health is a top consideration for lash artist pros. These extensions range from 0.12mm to 0.20mm, so artists can easily find the right diameter depending on natural lashes. Thanks to their flat structure, the extensions give a wider effect than regular lashes of the same size.

The texture is the strong advantage of these flat lash extensions. Ellipse lash extensions let you experiment with the design of your sets as a lash artist. When it comes to lash retention, the foundation is everything. If the extension's base isn't appropriately bonded to the natural lash, it certainly falls out within a few days.

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How to use flat eyelashes?

How to use flat eyelashes?

Flat lash extensions are not the same as other types; these lashes cannot adhere to the sides of the lashes. Instead, you should apply these on top or bottom at the base of your client's natural lashes. This helps avoid twisting and guarantees that your client's flat eyelash extensions don't fall out. Apart from that, these lashes don't require much adhesive. You can get away with using very little adhesive, and the results will last much longer. These lashes are preferable to mix with other types of lashes, and it's best not to use them alone in a Classic set because they can give off a plasticky appearance.

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From their rich, dark base to their precise, tapered tips, these unique extensions make a bold statement for your clients' eyes. The wide, flat foundation bridges in and corrects gaps between the clients' natural eyelashes, creating a dense look along the lash line.

The flatter and oval base of the flat eyelash extensions allows the technicians to apply the glue required before attaching it to the natural lashes, where they bond strongly. You should insert it into the middle of each adhesive dot and carefully pull it out so that fewer adhesives are hooked onto each lash extension. Clients' eyes will feel lighter and more comfortable, as you will save tons of time and resources.

Flat lashes vs. Regular

Flat lashes vs. Regular

Because it is different from the round base of classic lashes and has a flatter base for glue application, the attachment on the lashes is nearly seamless. The base of a traditional lash is circular, whereas a flat lash is flat. This means the results will be different even if lash artists apply the same amount of both types. Flats will give you a fuller effect, while classics will provide you with a natural-looking.

The weight of the lashes is another distinction between flat and classic lashes. Flat lashes weigh lighter than traditional lashes when compared in the same thickness. As a consequence, flat lashes provide the clients with a fuller-looking effect while also providing the width of a greater diameter extension. These lightweight lashes are great for clients with sparse natural lashes and make them appear denser at the same time.

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Flat lashes, like typical individual lashes, come in various curls that are appropriate for any specific eye and style. The base is the distinction between regular lashes used for classic lashes and flat lashes. Flat lashes have a flattened base, making the lash incredibly good-looking. A flat lash's concave surface gives more contact area for bonding, resulting in lashes that last far longer than standard extensions. Flat lashes have an oval shape that is reversed rather than rounded.

And due to the oval and flatter shape of the eyelash extensions, it is easier for them to have more retention because the contact area for the adhesive is larger.

Even though the classic and flat lashes provide the same look the clients desire, there are a few differences to keep in mind. The most obvious one has different bases. The classic lashes have a round base, while the flat lashes have a flatter and oval base, which gives a fuller and wider eye effect.

flat lash

Because of their shape, flat lashes stick better to the client's natural lash. They have more area to attach to compared to the rounder ones, making them durable for the time being. They've also been shown to have superior retention to classic lash extensions by several lash experts.

Flat give an illusion effect, making the eyes look more beautiful and fuller. They're also very convenient for people who want dramatic or fuller-looking effects on the eyes. Flat lashes with a thickness of 0.15mm will feel the same as traditional lashes with a thickness of 0.18mm. The look of darker, thicker lashes is evident, but it is neither unpleasant or harmful to the natural lashes. Flat lashes are an ideal option compared to classic lashes as they provide a fuller look to clients with naturally thin lashes.

LLBA's Flat eyelashes

Regular eyelash extensions may struggle to adhere to individuals who have sparse lashes. Don't let this stop you from making beautiful lash sets. Our flat lashes are flattened at the base and tapered off at the end to offer a wider effect. Their rich black matte surface will look stunning in classic and hybrid sets. When clients strive to achieve the perfect set of lashes, you may be their hero by giving them a set of eyes that only a pro can achieve!

LLBA's Flat eyelashes

The adhesive is only 2 mm from the line; peeling every single lash off the strip to make the set your client desires is simple! They're also quite cost-effective, as they're available in mixed and single lash extension trays.

LLBA Flat Lashes offer:

  • C, CC, D, and L curls
  • 8m to 17mm single lengths, 8mm-15mm mix lengths
  • 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, and 0.2mm diameters

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Flat lashes complement your extension sets since they create a lush and natural look for your clients. The extensions give a stunning look, amplified texture, and more volume without adding too much weight to the eyelashes. You can choose the best option to achieve those gorgeous voluminous lashes with a wide range of lengths we're offering on our website.