Explore LLBA's flat lashes mixed tray

Benefits of Flat Lashes:

When flat lashes were first released in 2015, they stormed the lash business. At that time, an eyelash extension seemed thick and black to give a dramatic look to the eyes. Still, it is weighted more petite than an average lash. Flat is an  excellent lash product for people who desire a fuller, deeper set yet still wants to have a natural look. The Flat lashes deserve all the hype because they literally provide the same or even better look as compared to classic lashes.

Because of their larger adhesive surface, flat lashes provide more excellent retention. They're also lighter, inflicting less or no harm to the natural lashes. These are designed to be combined with other sets to add texture. Flat lashes, as the name implies, are flat and oval-shaped at the base. A flat foundation offers a more significant, broader surface area, allowing the extensions to bind more efficiently with the natural lashes.

Benefits of Flat Lashes

Following are some benefits of the flat lashes

  • Better bonding means longer-lasting lashes.
  • For long-term desired effect, adhere better to natural lashes.
  • Increase volume and texture without gaining extra weight.
  • It allows you to create darker, more dramatic lash effects.
  • Lightweight and pleasant, especially on sparse lashes
  • Only a tiny quantity of lash adhesive is required.

All the qualities mentioned above make the flat lashes ideal for the usage of lash artists to create the desired look for the clients. Flat lashes can be bought in individual sets of the same diameter, length, or curls, but what if you get different lengths in one box? We call them mixed trays. Flat lashes mixed tray is super-duper budget-friendly.

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Why should you choose our flat lashes?

Our Flat lashes are designed for the conventional one-on-one lash method and may be attached from the top or bottom of the actual eyelash. These lashes have a flat base that helps with retention owing to the bonding area. Delicate and flexible, with a double split tip and a black appearance, provide a magnificent full-looking lash set. Due to their lightweight structure, they may be doubled up to create a fuller and thicker effect. Our flat lash collection includes lengths ranging from 8mm to 16mm with diameters of 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, and 0.20mm; the curls range from C, CC, D, and L curl, and mix lengths ranging from 8mm to 15mm.

Why should you choose our flat lashes?

The glue is only 2mm from the line, it is simple to remove every single eyelash off the strips to make the desired set! Our flat lashes are also highly cost-effective because they are available in both mixed and single trays!

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A wide range of length

LLBA offers a considerable variety of lengths in flat lashes mixed trays . It is something you should not miss out on! With that in mind, lash artists can work with various lash thicknesses and give the clients their desired look in just one mixed tray. It offers the following length: 8mm (1 row), 9mm (1 row), 10 mm (2 rows), 11mm (2 rows), 12mm (2 rows), 13mm (2 rows), 14mm (1 row), 15mm (1 row). 

A wide range of curl

LLBA's flat lashes mixed tray offers a wide range of curls that genuinely benefit the lash artists. We have numerous options to choose from to provide the clients with the desired look. Our selection offers the following types of curls in the flat lashes mixed tray: C, CC, D.. 

The benefits of flat lashes mixed tray

The flat lash mixed trays have immense benefits; first and foremost, it fulfills every requirement of clients' desired look because of the different lengths in one tray. The artists get to work with a wide range of variety and provide the clients exactly what they are looking for, using one flat lash mixed tray. In addition, the convenience of having choices to choose from and stock up for the easy and fast application of flat lashes in one tray is somewhat pocket-friendly.

The benefits of flat lashes mixed tray

Flat lashes are pretty beneficial for first-time clients in comparison to regular lashes. They are gradually becoming the most preferred lash treatment option over the 'Classic' lash procedure. They also have a more easily adhered base to the natural lash, making them stay longer than usual lashes. Flat lashes have various advantages and are ideal for use in a classic or mixed lash extension set. They seem thicker and more stunning than a classic lash of the same weight. Flat lashes are essential for clients who desire dramatic lashes but cannot take the weight of conventional lashes. Furthermore, individuals with sparse eyelashes benefit the most from flat eyelashes, not harming their natural lashes.