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Tool Sterilizer Box

  • This sterilizer box provides quality & clean care! Cleaning your beauty tools is easy with the help of this disinfectant box.

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of premium quality plastic with a long-lasting material and simple but elegant design , the sterilizing tray is ideal for disinfecting the tools

    Step 1: Remove the inside compartment
    Step 2: Place the spacer on top of the tool
    Step 3: Pour tool cleanser liquid to clean the cartridge inside;
    (Warning: while doing this step, you must be far away from fire and combustible power source)
    Step 4: Put the tool compartment in and close the lid
    Step 5: A few minutes later, the disinfection is completed under the effect of cleansing solution.

  • POPULARITY: This disinfecting box can also be used to clean other salon and spa tools like small brushes, combs, skincare tools or clips. Let your clients know how much you care about their comfort and protection.

  • WHAT YOU GET: There is one plastic sterilizer box for your use. with clear lid The size of the sterilizing tray is 8.9"(L) x 4.9"(W) x 2.8"(H).