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Promade fans camellia 8D | 0.05

What are Camellia Fans?

  Camellia Fan Lashes are lashes with multiple lengths in each fan. Each fan has three different lengths, which mimics the eyelashes natural growth cycle. The varying lengths of the lashes help to create depth and texture in your lash set more easily than single length lashes. This is not a mixed tray. 

Why choose Camellia Lashes?

  These lashes create a natural look and will give your client the volume they’re desire. This allows you to easily create lash fans with differing lengths while giving your client a more natural, voluminous, and more dimensional lash set.

Why use Camellia Promades?

   Camellia Promades are designed for you if you want to incorporate natural and varying length fans into your sets. This will allow you to experiment and create custom, unique design to fully express your creativity and ability. If you are comfortable with promades, and are looking for ways to incorporate new designs and styles while still benefitting from the speed and quality of our promades, these are the fans for you!


  • Pro-made volume fans in the box, 480-520 fans per box
  • Choose between C, CC, D curls, thickness 0.07
  • Material: pro-silk lashes, soft, feather lightweight
  • Each fan has 3 size lengths
  •  light glue bonding at the bases, featherlight with a tiny base.
  • Light glue bonding at the bases, very lightweight.
  • Accelerate your time and support you to create a full set!
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Latex-Free
  • Cruelty free

  We are OBSESSED with our lashes. See for yourself

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