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Brow Lamination Training Manual (PDF) - All you need to know about Brow Lamination

Whats Included?
1 x Training Manual - PDF - Instant download, read on any device or print out

What is Brow Lamination?
Brow Lamination benefits
Brow Lamination side effects
Giving the right Consultancy
How to perform Brow Lamination service?
What to do if the Brow Lamination goes wrong?
Disinfection and Sanitization
Client Aftercare Instruction
Brow Lamination Pricing Strategy

Are you a student? This training manual will teach you all the theory as taught in a class setting, minus the practical. Can’t decide whether to invest in a higher priced course as you are not sure whether it is for you? These manuals are a great investment for any student or even as a post training reference guide!
Are you on the way to revamp your knowledge and wish to learn technique or an add-on service? Are you a tutor, trainer, school, or academy and looking for a reference?

Complete your practical classes with a pre-written theory training manual!

Up-to-date and most recent practices included. A great tool for any professional estheticians, that are looking to expand their brand, by sharing what you have learned with others!

Fully downloadable with a professional, leek pre-designed training manuals with an extremely affordable price tag. If you have the drive, ambition, goals and focus to manifest your career desires, then these manuals can turn your financial dreams into reality!

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