What are synthetic lashes made of?

When it comes to synthetic lashes, there are plenty of vendors on the internet who would persuade you to purchase their goods by tempting you in with their low prices.However, there isn't much of an explanation when it comes to product description which hints to their questionable quality of product.

So, what exactly are synthetic lashes made out of?

Many sites claim that synthetic lashes are solely made from PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate), a thermoplastic, high-grade plastic substitute that is very elastic and flexible. It is not always the case, however. Synthetic lashes made by PBT provide a more natural and softer appearance. On the other hand, acrylic synthetic lashes are ideal for trainee lash technicians to learn with because they are coarser and tend to come in pots in a loose form.

what are synthetic eyelashes made of

The difference between Acrylic and PBT synthetic lashes

Although some brands would like you to believe; otherwise, the traditional acrylics can no longer compete with the quality that PBT lashes bring.

There was a time when acrylic was used to make all lashes. It was inexpensive, easy to make, and it took to color dyes quickly, making them extra convenient. The acrylic-made lashes are still used in the bulk of lashes available at cheap rates and are still being used by nearly all minor manufacturers. But since PBT came onto the scene, the discrepancies between them and actual PBT synthetic lashes became apparent only when both were compared.

PBT synthetic material offers less expensive and higher quality when it comes to manufacturing extensions. These lashes have a black glossy faux finish, making it easier to distinguish between those made of ordinary inexpensive acrylic with a "plasticky" structure. As a result, few lash salons have this outdated variety these days, as the goal is to achieve a natural fluffy finish rather than a complex stiff-looking fake finish.

The difference between Acrylic and PBT synthetic lashes

Compared to acrylics, it is crucial to acknowledge PBT is a way better material and an upgrade that can provide a more natural appearance. Polybutylene Terephthalate is a high-performance engineering polymer. However, it is a derivative of plastic and is more expensive (although compared to real mink – not so much), trickier to colour and manufacture. Still, all that makes sense since synthetic lashes made from this material are soft, strong, and have a gorgeous, glossy, but natural sheen. They can also retain their curl and appearance better and do not get bent out of shape so quickly when asleep as the acrylic ones do (you can forget the unique silk masks and special silk pillows with these).

Longevity of Synthetic eyelashes

Another fun fact about what synthetic lashes are made of when it comes to PBT is that in the electrical and electronic sectors, PBT is utilized as an insulator. As a result, it is solvent and shrinkage-resistant and robust and heat resistant (up to 150°C). These qualities make it excellent for making durable synthetic lashes.

Since PBT is heat and solvent resistant, as mentioned above, it can hold and maintain the lash curl for longer than natural mink hair.

However, acrylic synthetic lashes are much coarser and heavier than PBT, so in terms of longevity, it depends on the lashes that vary among different suppliers/manufacturers.