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Everything you need to know about synthetic lash extensions

synthetic eyelash extensions


When you’re in a rush or want a natural but refined look for the day, getting into using lash extensions can help you feel put together and even helps perfect your no-makeup look.

synthetic lashesa

With recent technological advancements and the ease of shopping online from anywhere in the world, there are so many selections to choose from when it comes to lash extensions. Now that the choices are endless, they can be a little daunting as one tries to figure out which lash extensions would best suit them for a natural look or a dramatic short-term look. This is why this article serves you with the deep dive you need to decide what type of synthetic lash extensions are a better fit for you or is synthetic lash even your thing. Keep reading to find out more:

What are real mink lashes, and why is it best to have an alternative?

The fur of the mammal mink (either Siberian or Chinese) is used to procure the silky, natural-looking lashes that are usually used on older clients and have been in vogue for quite some time. Mink fur makes for very lightweight and fluffy lashes while giving a thick and “full” effect. However, please take this information with a grain of salt because while natural mink has a lot of advantages, the ethical and allergy issues that come with their usage make them unfit for use.

In addition, these are not cruelty-free products, with mink farming being a major cause of extreme animal abuse. Real mink should also be avoided by people who are allergic to cats or other animals since the fur may cause an allergic reaction. According to the manufacturers, mink fur for eyelash extensions has been sanitised to the point where it no longer offers an allergy risk. It is a much safer bet to use synthetic eyelash extensions that have not yet been linked to any allergic reactions.

synthetic lash extensions

Then there is also the fact that real mink lashes come with a much bigger price tag as compared to cruelty-free synthetic lashes. Usually ranging from $400- $500 per set, the service price for these lashes also tends to be higher than most synthetic lash extensions since they are marketed as high-end products. It is also worth mentioning that the real mink lashes also might not give their user a long-lasting or durable curl. These expensive lashes need to be permed and routinely curled at home to achieve the desired curl pattern, which only makes them all the higher maintenance and less user-friendly.

All the above factors point toward the need for an alternative to mink lashes in the lash market that doesn’t involve shady mink fur sourcing or a price tag that makes these lashes inaccessible for so many. Now, this is where synthetic mink lashes come into play. Whether fans or individual lashes, synthetic lashes are typically the first lash extensions that come to an artist's mind.

Synthetic mink lashes: the alternative to real mink lashes

What are synthetic mink lashes, one might wonder? Well, these are one of the most popular lash extensions available in the market today. Depending on the look and preferences, there is a wide variety available of different types of synthetic lashes to help achieve the desired look a client is looking for. 

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How are they made?

All types of synthetic mink lashes are made out of the plastic fibre PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate). PBT is a type of polyester that moulds into the desired lash shape when heated and sets into that shape as it cools down. This is a durable FDA-approved plastic making it a great fit for making synthetic lash extensions. Since PBT is such an industrial-sounding name, synthetic eyelash extensions usually go by the terms synthetic mink lashes or silk lashes for marketing purposes.

The different grades of quality for PBT differentiate between the different types of synthetic lash extensions manufactured. The technique by which PBT fibres are curled impacts how well they keep their curl. Some strands have a lustrous sheen, while others have a more plain, matte appearance.

However, compared to the real mink lashes, the acrylic quality of the lashes makes for a glossy dramatic look that appeals to many younger clients. The difference between synthetic mink lashes sold in the market also depends on the manufacturer. Some claim that it is the way they steam their synthetic lash curls that differentiates them from each other. It is also worth mentioning that these are durable lashes that can retain their curl pattern and are reusable up to two times while also not causing any strain on one's natural lashes, making them perfect for long-term usage. 

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The comparison of lash materials

The comparison of lash materials

Depending on the type of natural lashes clients have, and the style they want to achieve, each synthetic lash extension variety serves a distinct purpose.

Now, here's a breakdown of the four main types of eyelash extensions available in the market: the silk, synthetic mink, and super mink lashes that are all made out of PBT but differ in terms of their firmness and overall texture and appearance (a factor highly dependent on the quality of lashes sourced from one's supplier/manufacturer).  

Silk lashes

Silk Lashes are designed to mimic the natural bend of your eyelash. These lash extensions are a mid-weight option that is finer and more flexible than the synthetic blend. In addition, their retention is marginally more excellent than synthetics since they are softer and more porous.

Silk lashes come in various curls and lengths, but they're better for a more natural look than synthetic ones because the curl isn't as consistent or artificial. They're dark black and have a glossy sheen, perfect for a glamour appearance.

These lashes seem to have a shorter taper to them in comparison to mink lashes, which means that the body of the lash stays thicker for a more extended period. This makes the eyelashes appear thicker but very natural-looking. Since these are a lightweight alternative, those with weak or frail natural lashes could benefit from their use.

Synthetic mink eyelash extensions:

These are the firmest/strongest of the bunch, as they're constructed of polished acrylic. Synthetic eyelash extensions have a somewhat brighter or glossier appearance than mink or silk, and when applied thickly, they can provide a more dramatic effect.

While they are available in a range of thicknesses and curls and can be applied to look supernatural, they are often most popular among women who like a more dramatic and flared look. In addition, because of their sturdiness, they are able to keep their curl exceptionally well for long periods of time.

Synthetic mink lashes are made to resemble real mink lashes in appearance and feel. The taper is typically created lower on the lash, providing the extension with a more natural appearance. They have the same delicate, soft, and silky texture as real fur.

With proper care, synthetic mink lashes can last for months and are ideal if your natural lashes are fine and delicate. Unfortunately, the quality of both types of lashes can vary greatly depending on the source. This is why it is critical to make sure that one's supplier is reputable and maintains a high level of quality control.

Super mink lashes:

PBT super mink lash extensions are a welcome Korean creation that is manufactured with long hair tips, making them softer, lighter, and so much more natural-looking than synthetic lashes. Not only this, but these types of eyelashes have a darker black colour, making the eyes look even more gorgeous. That is why super mink lash extensions have become one of the most popular and well-liked choices lately.

Super mink lashes

Adding to the benefits of opting for these types of lashes is the fact that they are soft, delicate, and shiny. Hence they provide users with a natural appearance. They also keep their curl for longer. Both super mink and synthetic mink lashes have exceptional structural/shape memory, with these lashes hardly distorting for an extended period after processing and are exceptionally heat and chemical resistant.

There are some great options for different super mink lashes with these versatile lashes, i.e., Classic, Volume.

Cost comparison:

A key advantage synthetic lash extensions have over the real mink lash variety available in the market is the accessible and inexpensive price point. Depending on the type, brand, and manufacturer of the synthetic lashes, they are sold at beauty retailers in the $20-$40 range; meanwhile, sourcing real mink lashes come with a hefty price tag, not to mention the fact that these are not that accessible and thus would result in additional costs in order to source them from someone who deals in mink farming.

Additionally, as mentioned earlier in this article, each set of real mink lashes can cost a lot, which means their lashing service will have to be equally expensive, making the whole deal a significant investment. Add moral, ethical, and allergic reaction concerns into the mix, and suddenly investing in real mink becomes less and less appealing despite the fact that the promise of fluffier and natural lashes and having all these pricing concerns in mind helps clients make an informed decision about what to stock and use going forward.

Choosing the right lash extension:

Choosing the right lash extension

As is the case with any lash extension, not every client will benefit from them. Some clients may be allergic to animal fur, while others like a softer look. Therefore, a qualified lash technician is the best bet out there in determining the ideal lash material, kind, application, and curl pattern. All this to say, seeking out a professional is advisable since it will help save time, money, and lashes from a lot of trial and error that is easily avoidable. We hope this information helps. Happy lashing!


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