Tips for eyelash extension curl maintenance

The eyelash extension curl is one of the most important factors of eyelash extensions, and it’s of utmost importance that we know how to take proper care of curls to preserve the benefits that the eyelash extensions give.

There are a couple of reasons as to why eyelash extension curls require aftercare maintenance. Let’s take a closer look!

Why eyelash extensions lose their curl

Sometimes clients tend to get a bit careless and reckless after a successful eyelash extension application. This is partially due to the confidence boost that the eyelash extension gives them; they look nice, they feel cool and invincible. 

It shouldn’t be like that. Lash extensions are very delicate and require attention and aftercare maintenance. 

To take care of eyelash extensions (and eyelash extension curls in general), we must first take note of how things can fall apart. It takes some times to get used to the lash extensions, but avoid rubbing your eyes. 

Lash extensions aren’t strip lashes that last a day only – they come and fall off along with natural lashes over a period of time. Taking care of your lashes is important, for long lasting eyelash extensions; if left unattended to, the eyelash extension tends to lose their grip and the curl might become ruined.

How to maintain the curl

When it comes to maintaining a curl, it’s very important to focus on preserving its overall shape. In order to do so, it’s equally necessary to ensure that the lash extensions are properly retained.

Choosing the right curl is the first step, as the right curl will fit in right away and provide a lot of flexibility and durability. But there is another thing you could do in order to extend its health as well, one of which is done before application: storage. Remember to store them at the right temperature, and take care to adjust the space’s humidity accordingly so that the extension best holds on to its retention capabilities and so the curl will be sustained for far longer.

Educate your clients thoroughly on the aftercare of the curl, as this is where most of the maintenance occurs. You can choose the right curl and have the best prep as well as execution for them, but everything can go up in smoke quite quickly if the aftercare is not done correctly. Most of the reported problems usually come after applications and are related to how our clients are not taking care of the curls and their eyelash extensions correctly.

It is important to explain to our clients the necessity of aftercare. Below are some of the most prominent dos and don’ts.

Dos and Don'ts at home

Most of the tips here will be relevant to general aftercare for your clients’ eyelash extensions, so it’s worthwhile to take note, read through all of them and relay them to your clients – so you can do your part in helping them extend the life of their extensions and extension curls!


  • Clean them properly using a foaming lash cleanser or baby shampoo in tiny amounts.
  • Contact lash artist if any problem comes up.
  • Keep calm if some lashes fall. It is natural to lose 2–5 lashes in a day.


  • Don’t touch your extensions too much. The more you touch them, the more chance the extension becomes oily, which causes strain on the natural lashes.
  • Do not use oily products as they tend to mess with your eyelash extensions. Additionally do not use any mascara if you have other alternatives.
  • Do not put strip lashes on top of the eyelash extensions as they can mess up with the original curls, and can cause a big problem with removing later on.
  • Don’t try to remove lash extensions yourself as it can mess up with other curls and extensions. 
  • Don’t panic when your lash growth cycles are faster than average (meaning your lashes shed faster). Try to determine the cycle, gather info and discuss it with your technician during your next session. 
  • Do not put your face close to the heat, the oven, or hair tools. Avoid blow dries. Heat can melt synthetic eyelashes. 

As well as communicating the above, be sure to let clients know that in general, eyelash extensions last for about two to four weeks at peak performance. Sometimes, depending on the strength and size of their natural lashes, the durability of the eyelash extensions can vary as well. The curl of the eyelash extension is also affected in this way – so be sure to take care of them!