What's the difference between c and d curl lashes?

You probably recognize that C and D curl eyelashes are commonly preferable in many types of eyelash extensions. One favors the natural; the other creates an impression. In reality, many sets of eyelashes combine these two curls and are performed by skilled lash artists since they require high lashing expertise. If you don't have many opportunities to practice these two curls, follow this article to understand better the difference between C vs D curl lashes.

What are C and D curl eyelashes?

First, we can all agree that C curl and D curl lashes are extremely popular in trendy eyelash extensions.

C curl has a curl of 60 degrees

c curl eyelashes

The most natural curls are advisable for eyelash extensions such as Classic, Volume, Hybrid, etc. C curl lashes have a balanced look, creating a medium opening effect, suitable for everyday wearing.

D curl is curvier than C curl, with a 70-degree angle

d curl eyelashes

This extension has the greatest curl (a dramatic curl), which helps create a doll eyes effect and a look for special occasions or for clients who prefer the spotlight.

How to choose the right curl: C vs D curl?

c and d curl eyelashes

It is probably something that many technicians, especially newbies, need to understand to apply in service, followed by 3 points below.

Based on clients' natural lashes: At first, you always need to draw a map to find out the area applying extensions to your client's eyes.

The effect of C curl lashes is lightness, a moderate opening enough to make a better change for the client's eyes but still keep the natural depending on eye shape. Accordingly, C curl will apply to straight upward lashes, strong lashes but sparse density, or in some cases where straight lashes are too short and need to increase length and curl.

However, you should also check the lashes carefully to give an accurate decision about the thickness and length to get the desired results. Usually, the thickness of C curl lashes for volume is 0.05 or 0.07 mm, and the length is from 8-14 mm. The thickness of C curl lashes for classic lashes is between 0.15-0.20 mm. High-quality material is also a factor that affects the final work. With that in mind, our velvet super mink is made of high-quality and is budget-friendly for optimizing your income.

For D curl, one must note that this is a more dramatic curl than C curl. This curl is perfect for straight-up lashes, drooping lashes, or lashes with long and moderately curled but uneven. The first effect of D curl lashes is a large opening for the eyes, accompanied by fuller and attractive eyelashes. Like C curl, D curl also has essential specifications such as thickness, length, material that you need to grasp.

c curl and d curl lashes

Based on clients' eye shapes: for monolids, slightly droopy, or narrow eyes, C curl lashes are an ideal option. Besides, almond or round eyes can also use a C curl to help the eyelashes become elegant and the eyes more alive.

D curl was born for deep eyes, hooded eyes, monolids, or far sets of eyes. With a touch of a dramatic look, you can surely conquer any desire.

Based on the lash sets: After the above two assessments about C curl lashes vs D curl, it's time to decide on choosing the right lash style for your client.

C curl will be suitable for natural, gentle eyelash extensions, making slight changes such as Classic, Volume, Hybrid.

D curl will be a perfect choice for eyelashes that need impressive effects such as Volume, Hybrid, Doll, Wispy, Cat eyes, Fox eyes, etc. Thus, you will have many suitable choices when consulting with clients.

C vs D curl lashes: A short comparison table


D curl

C curl

Basic specifications

About 70-degree curl

About 60-degree curl

Create an impressive impression

Honor the naturalness

How to choose the right curl

Based on clients' natural lashes

- Straight-up lashes- Drooping lashes - The lashes are long enough, the curl is moderate but the density is uneven

- Straight-up lashes- Short lashes 

Based on clients' eye shapes

Deep eyes, hooded eyes, monolid eyes, far set of eyes

Monolid eyes, slightly drooping or narrow eyes, almond eyes, round eyes

Above is the difference between C and D curl lashes for you to easily choose the right diameter and length for the perfect application. Also we would love to support you with our products that cover everything you need, whether it promade fan or an individual lash. Take a look at our website, browse a little, and enjoy the many deals waiting for you.