Top 5 best premade eyelash fans any lash artists should use

What are the best premade eyelash fans?

Eyelash extension premade volume fans are one of the two main types of volume lash extensions. These are different from other styles of lash extensions in that each fan is made of several lashes joined together.

best premade eyelash fans

The two main types of volume lash extensions are related to how we make them: handmade or premade. While you’ll need to make handmade fans yourself, premade fans are manufactured by a supplier beforehand and then sent to lash artists.

Doubtlessly the greatest benefit for premade fans is the time saved. All lash artists know how painstaking it can be to create a volume fan, and how time-consuming the entire process is. Handmade fans are nice sometimes and great at others, especially if you’re a really good lash technician, but because of this, the process can be somewhat uneven. 

As a lash artist, the process of applying a lash set is long enough. What are some ways we can help reduce the time and utilize it properly? One way is to use premade fans.

Premade fans provide something more consistent and much more efficient. By using pre-made fans, you’re able to fit more clients into your schedule, thereby increasing the work you’re able to do as well as making more financially. 

The process of applying pre-made fans is also relatively easy. The best premade volume lash fans require you to only learn the basic lash extension techniques. It’s not necessary to know how to make fans just to apply premade ones successfully. They are a quick way to apply a hybrid or volume set without having to take the time during the set to handmake your fans. 

So what are the different types of premade fans?
  1. Premade fans are made by machine
  2. Pre-bonded with heat or glue
  3. Premade fans do not wrap around the natural lash
  4. Helps your lashing speed

Top 5 best premade fans eyelash extensions

There are so many different kinds of premade fans out there on the market and it’s hard to choose which one would help you along on your lash journey. It’s also important to understand how the benefits of the specific types of premade fans will help you while you lash. LLBA Professional carries a wide array of premade volume lashes that I’m sure your clients will love and will make your life as a lash artist 10x easier!

best premade fan lash extensions
  1. Loose premade fans: these premade fans are great because they have close to 450-700 premade fans inside each box which is super cost-effective if you know which lengths and curls you use most often. LLBA Professional carries loose premade fans in individual sizes and 3-in-1 boxes.
    best premade fans eyelash extensions
  2. Premade fans in trays: these fans are laid out for you already so that eliminates part of your setup a time! LLBA Professional offers trays fans in a number of sizes and lengths such as mini (132 per box), XL (800 fans), and ultra-speed (1000 fans) 
    best premade lash extension fans
  3. Narrow premade fans: these LLBA Professional premade fans carry up to 800 fans in each XL tray and are narrow in width and with a little longer stem. This helps you create a darker lash set for clients with lots of lashes and also help clients who have shorter lashes that still want length.
    best premade volume lash extensions
  4. Wispy and Camellia premade fans: these are fairly new to the lash industry which is great because it helps us as lash artists go above and beyond for our clients to give them extraordinary lash sets! Wispy premade fans have one 3mm spike in the middle of a regular volume fan to create a wispy look. ​​Camellia Lashes are lashes with multiple lengths in each fan. Each fan has three different lengths, which mimics the eyelashes’ natural growth cycle. The varying lengths of the lashes help to create depth and texture in your lash set more easily than single-length lashes. Wispy and Camellia fans give a fluffier and wispy look too!
    best premade volume lash fans
  5. Color premade fans: These fans are completely vibrant from their piercing purple fans to their crimson red fans! Coloured fans give that added special touch for a client who may be attending a special event or if they just want to spice it up a bit! 
No matter your skill level when it comes to lashing, those are the best premade eyelash fans that suit your lashing style. It helps quicken your lash sets when you use them and there are also many different styles to choose from which is great to have in your lash inventory just in case a client is eager to try something new. Premade lash fans are here to help us not hinder us when completing a lash set.