Top 4 Benefits Your Clients Can Get From Hybrid Lashes

Lash extensions have become all the rage nowadays. Eyelash extensions have attained the recognition they deserve as more and more people use them to enhance their appearance.

While classic and volume lash extensions have been in the field for quite some time, hybrid lashes have recently graced the field.

And not just that, hybrid lashes seem to be winning the race of popularity and preference of the users, leaving behind classic and volume extensions.

Hybrid lash is defined as a combo of classic and volume extensions; however, it is much more than that. It offers a more customized look according to the preferences of the client. 

Here are the top 4 benefits of getting hybrid lashes. 

1. Get The Best Of Both Classic And Volume Sets

Hybrid lashes offer a perfect blend of classic and volume lash sets. So, the eyelashes have a perfect thickness and texture, and you can customize them according to the look the client desires. 

Generally, the eyelash technicians go for a 50-50 classic and volume hybrid. However, they may alter the percentage based on the client's needs. 

If the client desires a denser texture, the tech will add more volume lashes, making the ratio 80% volume and 20% classic. 

However, if the client wants a more natural or wispy hybrid set, the tech will use a more classic set, altering the ratio to 65-80% classic and 20-35% volume set.

Get The Best Of Both Classic And Volume Sets

Also, you can decide where you want to apply the fluffy lashes—to the middle or corners. Applying the volume lashes in the middle creates an open-eye look. When applied to the corners, it tapers the eyes and appears to contour them. Each option will give your client a completely different look. 

So, with hybrid eyelash extensions, you can strike a happy balance between classic and volume lash extensions and give your client a more natural look.

2. A More Affordable Alternative To Volume Lashes

Classic eyelash extensions are the most economical, and volume lashes are the most expensive, with hybrid lash extensions between the two. 

Often, people who have tried the classic set want to experiment with the volume set. However, insecurities about the final result or monetary issues can stop them from moving forward. 

Hybrid lashes provide the ultimate solution with a perfect volume that can be customized further and at a friendly cost to the pocket. 

A More Affordable Alternative To Volume Lashes

It is for people who are nervous about going full volume, as they find the volume set a bit unnatural. At the same time, they find classic extensions cannot fill the gaps between their lashes.

3. The Perfect Transition

Hybrid lashes are ideal for anyone who are not sure if they want classic or volume. It’s a combination of the two styles that customize the eyes in various ratios, referred to as a “mixed set”.

If your clients are comfortable with Classic yet desire to add a little bit of fullness, then hybrid lashes are the perfect way to upgrade their look.

With that in mind, your client can try hybrid lashes before giving the volume set a go. Even if they offer such a dramatic look, there is no compromise on the naturalness of the lashes. The style is the perfect transition from classic to volume when your clients aren’t ready to dive into a bolder statement.

4. Save Time From Morning Routines

While applying mascara and eyeshadows can be really fun, it is also very time-consuming in the morning. 

A More Affordable Alternative To Volume Lashes

Also, you will not always be in the mood for morning makeup, in which case it becomes more of a chore than a fun activity. 

Lash extensions are the go-to solution for women with busy work schedules. 

With eyelash extensions, you can skip the mascara and makeup and freely swim, work out, and even cry while watching an emotional movie. With eyelash extensions, you do not have to worry about your eye makeup smudging your face or falsies floating in your drink or pool. You can also leave the fear of waking up to a raccoon eye in case you forgot to remove your makeup the previous night.

It is also budget-friendly. As you skip eyeliners, mascara, falsies, and makeup removers, you save a lot on these products as they cost quite a bit. 

With eyelash extensions, you can skip all the multiple morning routine makeup steps and walk out the door looking fresh and ready to take on the world with just a moisturizer and a lip gloss.


Hybrid lash extensions are quite the trend nowadays. It combines classic and volume extensions to give clients the best of both worlds.