Tips to pick the right eyelash extension length

Wide range of eyelash extension lengths

Different materials, lengths, volumes, and curls are available for eyelash extensions. To achieve the optimum results, each of these aspects must be considered. If you choose the inappropriate length of eyelash extensions for your client, you risk damaging their natural lashes. They will also make them feel uncomfortable and may make them appear abnormal as a result. A skilled lash tech is required in this situation. In order to achieve the desired effect, the eyelash artist considers the client's eye shape, natural eyelash curl, extension thickness and most importantly, the length. Obnoxiously weighted lashes may prevent the development of healthy lash follicles. When getting eyelash extensions, the basic rule is that they should be 3mm-5mm longer than your natural lashes.

eyelash extension length

Based on your client's face shape and eye color,  you will select the ideal lash extensions for them as a lash artist. Sets of various lengths are available at LLBA. The lash lengths for short sets are between 8mm and 10mm. Different lengths of lashes should be able to blend together to provide a natural-looking full look for different parts of the eye. The lengths described below are available at LLBA:

  • 8mm to 10mm short sets
  • Medium range from 11-14 mm
  • 15mm and above lengths in long-range

Shorter extensions (8-10mm) are typically utilized for the inner corners, whereas 9-13mm extensions are used for most of the set. Hybrid eyelash extensions are created by combining larger lengths from 14mm or longer lashes.

Actual situation vs the desired look

Actual situation vs the desired look

Many clients naturally desire the longest lash extension lengths, but it's important to remember that the individual client's lash condition should determine the extension length. If the lashes are too long for their natural lash, it is your job to advise your client, as this may result in the extensions falling out prematurely and early.

For clients with hooded or droopy eyes, choose slightly longer lashes. Their lashes tend to 'disappear' under the eyelids when the eyes are open. When utilizing curlier lashes, such as D and U curls, keep in mind that the length of the extension will appear shorter when the curl is strong. As a result, choose your lash length based on your choice of curl.

It's safe to assume that choosing the proper eyelash extensions among the various options on the market is more difficult than it appears. Clients can be guided on their lash journey by a professional Lash Artist. As a lash artist, you must pick eyelash extension lengths according to each of your client's natural eyelashes.

How to advise your clients for the best outcome

How to advise your clients for the best outcome

It's normal for a lash artist to be thrilled when a new client comes in for a consultation. You must prepare for this major meeting, as client loyalty is critical to the success of your business. Clients may have high expectations and requests as first-timers. They might not be aware of all the specifics of the eyelash extension technique. Lash artists must lead their clients to a point where they are more aware of the goods and services they are experiencing and confident with their decisions. It's critical to inquire about the client's preferred style so that you can fully comprehend their expectations. Many clients respond well to visual aids, so having a styling reference on hand and telling them the type you would choose for their eye shape could be effective. Make sure to explain to your clients why you made certain recommendations.

The clients must learn that the health of their natural lashes determines the length and weight of their lashes. They should focus on the benefits of picking suitable diameters and lengths and how they can easily get longer retention without injuring any natural lashes. As a result, they will better understand their final look and be satisfied with your service.

Advising your lash clients on the basics of eyelash extension helps comfort them that they are in qualified,  caring,  yet capable hands in your lash studio. And simply leading them through the procedures will calm their nerves, allowing them to appreciate the experience as a whole: a self-care and pampering session.