The secret of choosing tweezers for eyelash extensions

Did you know that there are many types of tweezers in the world of eyelash extensions? Indeed, there are different shapes of tweezers, different colors of tweezers, and different materials as well. This is important to remember when choosing the tool you’ll be using to lash.

When it comes to color, it is no big deal. The color of the tweezers doesn’t define the quality of the tweezers, but other things might, such as the material, the sweet spot, and the shape of the tweezer depending on your lashing technique. 

Material types of tweezers for eyelash extensions

tweezers for eyelash extensions

Titanium: Because it is lighter than stainless steel tweezers and rust-free, it is a perfect source for professional eyelash extension tweezers. Its allergy-free property also means that it is used for medical procedures, as well.

Stainless: ​​Tweezers made of stainless steel are more resistant to rust than metal ones, but if not maintained, they may rust. Stainless tweezers contain a small amount of nickel, which is rare but can cause some allergic reactions in some people.

How to choose and use the right tweezers for eyelash extensions

tweezers for eyelash extensions

As an emerging lash artist, we can become overwhelmed with the number of lash products out there on the internet and what we see on social media, etc. But it's important that we do our research to see what products will work best for us. When lashing, it’s important that we have the right tweezers that help us get the job done and what they are used for. 

LLBA Professional has different collections of tweezers and they offer different shapes and colors. Here are some of our favorite tweezers that are available in the galaxy, white, gold, silver and black color.

Isolation tweezers for eyelash extensions

tweezers for eyelash extensions

Isolation tweezers have super pointed ends which are helpful to push apart surrounding natural lashes in order to isolate one natural lash. This is done so we can place the lash extension on top of the natural lash.

There are different types of isolation tweezers such as LLBA Professional’s straight isolation tweezers “Move It” and “La Classique”. They also carry curved isolation tweezers such as “Lashy & Classy”. With time and experience, you will learn which tweezers work best for you. Some lash artists use volume tweezers for isolation. It all depends on how comfortable the tweezers feel in your hand and how effectively you use them during the lash appointment. 

Pick-up and fanning tweezers for eyelash extensions

tweezers for eyelash

These types of tweezers can be used for a variety of things during a lash appointment just as the sub-header states. Some examples of fanning tweezers from LLBA Professional are Ohlalashy, Give me the D, The Good Angle and Baby Booty.

These tweezers have a longer, wider, and/or curved head which allows for the lash artist to pick up more lashes. It is important to note that if you are using a tweezer to make fans for volume lashes, it’s important to find the “sweet spot”. The sweet spot is referring to a spot on the tweezer where once you pick up a bunch of lashes, it is easy to fan-out consistently without any lash extensions falling out. 

Find the sweet spot in a tweezer

tweezers for eyelash

How do you find the sweet spot?

  1. Flip the tweezers so the point is facing you 
  2. Squeeze and press firmly on the tweezer
  3. Where there is no gap in-between the two tips of the tweezer, you have found the sweet spot!

Since all tweezers are made differently, not all of them have the same sweet spot. You should always test out the tweezers a couple of times before putting them to use.

How to clean glue on the tweezer tip? Yes, this happens! While dipping the lash extension in the glue drop, we accidentally also dip our tweezer tip in the glue drop, and after that, it seems like everything goes wrong from there. You won’t be able to make fans, lashes stick to the tip of the tweezers, the fan won’t release from the tip, etc. Do not panic! It happens to most lash artists. Keep our tweezer cleaner in stock so that you’ll have a quick and easy way to get that glue off your tweezer.

tweezers for eyelash

Organize your tweezers with LLBA tweezer holder

It all comes down to comfortability. Lash artists want to make their lives easier, not harder! Sometimes, lash artists use the same type of eyelash extensions tweezers for isolation and for making fans. It all depends on you, and how the tweezers fit in your style of lashing. When you are hand-testing each tweezer individually a couple of times, it ensures you are giving your client the best experience with the best products in mind.