The Best Ways To Dye Eyebrows: Dos & Don'ts

Eyebrows have been a focus of cosmetic procedures and makeup for centuries, from the time of the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks. People have been filling, threading, shaping, waxing, elongating, and lining their eyebrows to make them appear denser, fuller, thicker, or longer.

There is a new procedure to our list of popular eyebrow grooming methods: eyebrow dyeing. 

It involves using a hair dye specially formulated for the eyebrows, colouring the eyebrow hair and the skin under it.

It is an extremely popular option for those who want to have defined, darker, denser brows. If you're wondering the best way to dye eyebrows, here are eyebrow dos and don'ts.

Eyebrow Dyeing Don’ts

Here are some things to avoid if you want the perfect eyebrow dye job.

Don’t Use Regular Hair Dye

The areas around the eyes and eyebrows are extremely sensitive. Additionally, eyebrow hair can be very different from the hair on your head.

Don’t Use Regular Hair Dye

Regular hair dyes are designed for coarser, thicker hair on the head and have a more potent formula, which can be too harsh for the skin in the eye and eyebrow regions and relatively thinner and more delicate eyebrow hair. Using regular hair dye can cause a bad reaction or damage the skin and hair.

Additionally, the colour pigmentation will be much higher, making it more difficult to control how dark the hair will be on the eyebrows.

In contrast, eyebrow dye is formulated to be milder, gentler, and safer around the eyes and on eyebrow hair. It also offers more control over the colour and reduces the risk that your brows will be too dark. 

Therefore, important to use dye that is specifically formulated for use near the eye to colour eyebrows. The best way to dye your eyebrows is to pick a tint and formula that suits you. 

Don’t Skip the Patch Test

Patch tests are crucial and shouldn't be skipped when using new products, especially regarding eyebrow dye.

Patch tests are now considered necessary since their introduction as a diagnostic tool in the late 19th century.  Doing a patch test will help you understand if the eyebrow dye formula is suitable for you to use. A patch test will reveal whether or not the dye will cause adverse reactions, irritations, and other negative side effects.

Don’t Skip the Patch Test

If you skip a patch test, you increase the risk of causing damage to the eyebrows and the skin, which can have long-lasting effects.

The best way to dye your eyebrows without adverse after-effects is to do a patch test to reduce the risk of unforeseen irritations or eyebrow hair damage, and you can dye your brows with more confidence and peace of mind.

Ideally, you should conduct a patch test before every application. But if you find a consistently safe formula, you can keep using it.

Eyebrow Dyeing Dos

Now that we know what we shouldn’t do, here are a few best practices for the best way to dye eyebrows.

Research All the Pros and Cons of Brow Dye

Due diligence is important, especially if you want to understand the best way to dye your eyebrows.

Knowing all the pros and cons, weighing them, and making an informed decision is the best way to dye eyebrows while reducing disappointment. It will allow you to know how to get the results you want.

Research All the Pros and Cons of Brow Dye

That especially applies to dyeing your eyebrows, as it can be a daunting process that can significantly impact the overall appearance of your facial features. 

Researching the pros and cons of different eyebrow dye options on the market will help you find a dye that gives you the shade and look you've been aspiring. It's also a great way to prepare for the treatment since you'll better understand the product and process involved. 

You can even research other eyebrow procedures like eyebrow tinting and henna brows to see if brow dye is your best option.

Eyebrow dyeing can be highly useful for providing a dramatic look to the eyebrows. It adds depth and makes them appear fuller and thicker. However, it also comes with its share of risks and disadvantages.

Therefore, researching the pros and cons is essential before you go ahead with an eyebrow dyeing appointment.

Make Sure Everything Is Dry and Oil-free

Oil, dirt, and moisture can hinder the eyebrow dyeing process as they can act like a barrier. They can cause the dye’s pigment to be absorbed unevenly, leading to a botched eyebrow dye job. 

Therefore, the best way to dye eyebrows is to thoroughly clean the area and get rid of dirt, moisture, oil, skincare products, and makeup before applying the eyebrow dye.

Eyebrow dye may also lift or fade faster if it is often exposed to oil and moisture. That's why keeping the eyebrow area dry and oil-free after dyeing is essential, especially during the first 24 hours after your dye job.

Be Careful With Your Oxidant

Improper storage of the  oxidant can affect the potency of the dye. To ensure that the colour of the eyebrow dye remains on brows for longer, it is crucial to store the oxidant in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. A cupboard or drawer is ideal.

Be Careful With Your Oxidant

Before use, remember to shake the oxidant well. Immediately put the cap back on and store it after every use. Leaving the oxidant out in the open can make it less effective.

To keep your eyebrows in optimum condition, the proper care of tools and products (especially the oxidant) is very important.

Final Thoughts

Applying brow dye isn’t too complicated, but it does require patience and practice. If you feel unsure about it or don’t want to risk a poorly executed brow dye job, the best way to dye your eyebrows is to book an appointment with a specialized technician. They are experienced and knowledgeable enough to give you flawless results.

If you want to DIY your brow dye, remember to keep your hand steady and follow the instructions properly. Learn as much as you can about brow dye products and the dyeing process. Watch YouTube videos if you have to. And don't forget to keep our recommended dos and don'ts in mind.

With all these tips and tricks, you’ll be off to a good start and will be that much closer to beautiful, well-defined brows!