Natural vs dramatic eyelash - It's all about the curl

The different curls of eyelash extensions

The different curls of eyelash extensions

Lash extensions come in all sorts of styles, including B-curl, C-curl, D-curl, and L+ curl.

The B-curl has the nicest natural appearance. It's best for people who have straighter and plain eyelashes and need a little curl as this curl is not super dramatic and can be used every day without bringing the element of drama to one's eyes.

The C-curl is by far the most ubiquitous curl since it complements practically all eye shapes be it round, mono-lid, hooded, almond, etc. It's the most popular curl since it tends to give the client a boost and opens up their eyes. The C-curl is ideal for people with naturally curled lashes and who want  to make their eyelashes seem wider and thicker.

For those who desire to have a bold and stunning appearance, D-curl is the way to go! Furthermore, because it mirrors a circular shape, it is ideal for people who have downward eyelashes.

Last but not least, the L and L+ curl have a flat foundation that is applied to the eyelid before it lifts up vertically. If you are one of those people who naturally have monolids, hooded eyes, and straighter lashes, this lash curl style is ideal for you, because it will give your eye an extreme lift.

How to choose the best curl

How to choose the best curl

Choosing the best curl for the client could be challenging, but it matters the most since it will change the appearance of the client's eyes to an extreme level by giving them dramatic lashes. You would really like to satisfy your client's requirements while also educating them on what is ideal for them. You would want to ensure they have the style they want while remaining professional, secure, and controllable. There are certain factors that play an important role in choosing the right curl for the client's eyes.

Eye Shape

Finding the perfect eyelashes for your eye shape has a formula that enables your client to achieve a glamorous look and bring out the drama. Eye shape of the client matters the most, you cannot just put an L + curl on a round eye shape or a B curl on a hooded eye. The eye shape plays an important role in choosing the right curl to give your client a look of dramatic eyelashes. Every client has a unique eye shape and demand, so it is your job as a lash artist to put your skills into which curl will suit the clients' eyes more and give them glowing, fuller-looking dramatic lashes.

Client's desire

As a lash artist, it is your duty to fulfill your clients' desires of what look they are demanding. If the look they want is not suitable for them or does not look right with their eye shape, be honest and let them know why exactly their favorite celebrity dramatic eyelashes extensions look might not work for them. Suggest to the clients, what curls would work best for their eye shapes and show them pictures of the final look of dramatic eyelashes with that curl to satisfy their needs.

Natural lashes

The natural lashes of the clients also play an important role in deciding and choosing the right curl for their eyes. Whether the natural lashes are lifted, thin, thick, forward, short, long, etc., will help decide the right curl to work with to make the clients' eyes pop more and provide a fuller look with dramatic eyelash extensions. Because there is very little natural eyelash for the foundation of the extension to connect to, the durability is relatively short with curlier lashes. As an outcome, it's quite critical to match the curl and volume of the eyelash extensions to your client's natural lashes in order for them to enjoy the dramatic lash extensions for a longer time.

The two most popular curls: C and D


The two curls, C and D, are quite ubiquitous as they suit most eye shapes and clients of every age group. It's the most frequently used curl, and it gives the lashes a very natural curve that gives the impression as if a lash curler has simply curled the lashes. The D curl is the most stunning, spectacular, dramatic, and elevated, and it will be noticeable from the front. It is also the most desirable. Both curls are very versatile and could be used in different sets to give dramatic eyelashes extension to the client, giving them a unique appearance overall. They provide unique looks to the eyes if used among other sets, as they are the most versatile. Since most clients crave drama to add to their looks, these curls are ideal for providing them with a dramatic eyelash look, especially when used in between the sets. When compared to the C curl, the D lash curl provides the client's eyes with an extreme lift.