Mistakes you might make when applying eyelash extensions

Common mistakes when applying eyelash extensions

When a client comes back to us stating that their extensions are falling out quickly, what can be the reason? Was it the glue? Environment? Sometimes, it’s our application process. It is important for us as lash artists to make sure our application is flawless so that we avoid any issues when it comes to retention.

Here are some of the common application mistakes lash artists make and how to fix them:

applying eyelashes extensions
  • Not using enough glue - try dipping the eyelash extension at an angle and scoop upwards. There should be a small little bead on the end of the extension after you pull it out from the glue. Using too little glue can result in poor retention, and we don’t want that! Of course, there are other factors that could cause poor retention, but this is one.

applying eyelashes extensions

  • Using too much glue - try dipping the eyelash extension at an angle and scoop upwards, but make sure there is a little bead and not more on the end of the extension. Using too much glue could damage the natural lashes: 
    • By causing stickies. Indeed, too much glue will add time to the drying time and this will result in sticking some lashes together. This could hurt your client’s eyes if the lashes are not well isolated. 
    • By making the natural lashes fall. All lash extensions should have an adequate amount of glue so that the weight of the eyelash extension stays healthy on the natural lashes. By adding too much glue, it could add some weight to the natural lash, and the natural lash could fall faster than it should because of the heaviness. 

eyelash extensions mistakes

    • Not choosing the right diameters and lengths: Are you making sure the length and diameter chosen are right for your client? Not taking the time to choose the right diameter and length can result in lash damage, and make the client’s lashes fall faster than it cycles. 
    • Not having a hygrometer in your lash room: Did you know that your room environment could affect your adhesive? Indeed, depending on the humidity and temperature level, your adhesive could dry faster or slower. Make sure to get a hygrometer in order to make sure your adhesive will work in the ideal conditions. If your room conditions aren’t ideal, make sure to adjust the room temperature or the humidity with a humidifier or a dehumidifier. 
    • Improperly placing the tape and/or eye pad: Everyone has a different eye shape so it can be difficult at times to have your eye pads contour to the shape of your client’s eye. If placed incorrectly, it can potentially harm your client by rubbing their actual eyeball and causing red-eye. One way you can combat this is to have their client open their eyes and look upwards while placing the eye pad. Ask them to close their eye and ask them if it’s comfortable for them. If it is, you can go ahead and tape down the smaller bottom lashes that are peaking out. Always check in with your client to make sure the tape isn't rubbing their eye one their eye is closed and to ensure that they are comfortable. 
    • Not taking the time to disinfect properly. If your day is very busy, and you have clients back to back, we suggest you have at least two sets of tweezers (2 x 1 isolation tweezers and 2 x 1 application tweezers). This will ensure you have properly sanitized and disinfected tweezers all the time. You’ll be able to lash your client right away, while one set is sitting in the disinfectant products. Not making sure all the tools are properly disinfected and sanitized can result in bacterias propagation and give your clients eye infection

    eyelash extensions mistakes

      • Not laying the extension flesh to the natural lash once you place the extension on the natural lash, apply slight pressure and hold the extension down for 1-2 seconds. Try to pull the extension lightly, if you see that the base of the extension isn’t stuck onto the natural lash, remove and reapply.
      • Not giving enough time to let the glue dry/glue is drying too quickly: sometimes we do not allow our lash glue to cure with enough time. This could result in getting “stickies” (lashes that are stuck together because the glue is too wet). A good way to prevent this is to hold the eyelash extension/fan for a couple of seconds before releasing it. With that being said, we also have to make sure that our glue isn’t curing TOO fast. The result of this would be when you brush the lashes out, you have lash fans popping off. It is important to always check your hygrometer and to make sure your glue is working optimally in your specific environment.
      Take some time to make a checklist of everything you need to do during the lash set so that you can avoid eyelash extension applications mistakes. It is important for us as lash artists, to improve every day, in order to be able to give the best services to our clients and to keep their lashes healthy. It is not always easy, but we learn from our mistakes!