How to choose the best premade fan lashes

Let's take a look at some of the best premade fan lashes, how to choose them, and what to keep in mind both before and during the application process!

Handmade lash extensions and premade lash extensions are the two types of volume lash extensions. Premade fans come in a variety of curls , each with its own size and length. To select the best premade fan lashes, we must first examine all of the different styles. If you're an eyelash artist, you should include all of the necessary features to ensure the best outcome.

What matters most in choosing the best premade fan lashes?

What matters most in choosing the best premade fan lashes?

The diameter of the premade lash fan is a significant aspect to consider. Depending on the client’s demand the diameter of the eyelash extensions could range from 3D (0.1) to 16D (0.03). It's critical to choose the proper length when it comes to grooming your clients' eyes and protecting the health of their natural lash line. The basic rule is that the length should not be more than 3 mm longer than the client's natural lashes. However, it is strongly advised that you have a comprehensive consultation with your client prior to application and ask for input on your styling and the length and curl of the lashes at their next session. 

Similarly, the weight of the premade fans contributes as an important factor, you don't want your clients to be uncomfortable with the weight of the premade fans, so it is crucial to ask your client and work with lightweight premade volume fans.

Symmetry is another factor to consider. This is where every single lash has the same amount of space between them! This will allow you to create a beautiful lash set looking symmetrical while enhancing your clients eyes. Heat-bonded and glue-bonded premade fans

After determining the client's desired look, you must determine whether to use glue-bonded or heat-bonded lashes. Adhesive holds a glue-bonded fan together. Heat-bonded fan means that the bottom of the fan is only held together by heat. Glue-bonding adds a bit of weight  to the weight of a fan, the difference is negligible and could  impact your client's natural lashes. For these types of premade fans to bind well to the client's lashes, the stylist must apply additional adhesive to the fan. As a result of the increased weight of the collected glue and lash extensions, the fans become much heavier than necessary and can damage the natural lashes.

Heat-bonded premade fans can assist lash artists of all skills by adding depth, length, drama, and curl to a client's natural lashes. These premade fans are just as safe as hand-crafted volume fans. The major advantage of heat-bonded fans is that they are lighter and easier to operate.

Common premade fans

Common premade fans

Best premade fan lashes at LLBA are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 2D to 16D and occasionally even more. The number denotes the number of lashes utilized in a fan, while the D denotes the extension's dimension. We require a wide variety of alternatives to accommodate even the most precise client requests, which is why there are so many premade volume fans available.

The production of camellia eyelash extensions is based on the natural growth cycle of the lashes. Therefore, using these lashes gives you a more natural and feathery look. For a pop of color for your clients, premade color fans are the new trend and LLBA offers the best premade fan lashes with an exquisite range of colored premade fans for unique and bold looks.

Premade fan mix trays are the best choice because they make a lash expert's job easier. This is why LLBA has Mini, Ultraspeed, and XL trays available! With these trays, all of your lashes will be neatly organized and laid out for you, saving you time that could be spent lashing. LLBA's pre-made  fan lashes are angled just right so you can tweeze swiftly and comfortably. This arrangement enables you to work more efficiently and effectively!