How To Choose Lash Lift Supplies

If you have a lash lift service, you want to buy the best supplies. Quality supplies mean safety for your clients as well as better and longer-lasting results. 

But if you’re just starting, you may find it confusing to pick lash lift supplies with the countless options out there. How do you go about choosing the best products for your lash lifts?

Let us share a few important factors that you must consider when purchasing professional lash lift supplies from lash lift brands.

4 Factors To Consider When Choosing Professional Lash Lift Supplies

Here are four important considerations that you must keep in mind when picking lash lift supplies for your business:

1. Ingredients of the Perm Solution

One of the most crucial aspects to consider when selecting professional lash lift supplies is the ingredients of the perm solution. Perm solutions in lash lifts are necessary for softening your client’s eyelashes so you can lift and curl them easily.

The perm solution used in a lash lift contains several active ingredients that work together to give your clients the luscious, curled lashes they crave. These usually include cysteamine hydrochloride, glyceryl mono thioglycolate, and sodium borate. Cysteamine Hydrochloride helps to break down disulphide bonds in hair follicles so they can be reshaped into the desired curl. Glyceryl Monothioglycolate works as a reducing agent that softens the hair shafts and prepares them for restyling. Lastly, Sodium Borate acts as a neutralizing agent to help maintain the new shape of your lashes after they have been permed.

Ingredients of the Perm Solution

These ingredients are carefully blended to create a safe and effective solution that will give you beautifully curled lashes. For best results, it's important to perform the lash lift treatment using only high-quality ingredients specifically formulated for this purpose.

2. Having All The Necessary Lash Lift Tools

Lash lifting services require many tools and accessories that help improve your services. They include:

  • Silicone pads
  • Eye gel pads
  • Cleansing pads
  • Spoolie brushes
  • Micro brushes
  • Lash lift rods
  • Rod glue
  • Mini sticks

Having All The Necessary Lash Lift Tools

As a lash tech, having a complete arsenal of lash lift tools is a game-changer! It allows you to cater to all your clients' unique needs - because, let's be real, not everyone's lashes are created equal. With the right set of tools, you can tackle any lash challenge that comes your way and ensure that each and every client leaves feeling like a lash goddess. 

3. Packaging of the Products

Another important factor is the packaging of the lash lift supplies. You must make sure that all the tools, creams, and solutions you buy are packaged properly and sealed tightly.

The products must not be exposed. They should be hygienic and safe so they won’t cause allergies or irritation. In addition, they must also be packed in such a way that they are easy to use. They should not be prone to spillage and must not create a mess in your salon.

4. Price of the Products

The prices of lash lift supplies are another important aspect when shopping. They should be high-quality but not overpriced. Affordability is crucial because it allows you to easily restock your inventory when you begin to run low.

For competitively priced items, consider buying lash lift supplies wholesale through LLBA’s wholesale program. Buying in bulk allows you to get attractive discounts of up to 35% off. This helps you save money and increase your profitability in the long run.

In addition to lower prices, the program offers exceptional customer service, free shipping, and an option to divide your payment into four lighter payments through a partnership with Afterpay/Sezzle.

Get the Collagen Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Pro Kit by LLBA

LLBA’s Collagen Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Pro Kit takes a lot of the guesswork out of the process. Since it’s a complete set, you can be assured that all of the solutions and supplies are compatible and meet the criteria we mentioned in this article. 

With the set, you can achieve lasting curls that will remain intact throughout the six to eight-week natural lash cycle. Plus, the nutrition step in the lash lift supplies Canada is infused with collagen to promote lash health. It’s also hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain nasty chemicals like sodium bromate to ensure your clients’ safety.

Get the Collagen Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Pro Kit by LLBA

Here’s what you get with our all-in-one kit:

  • Small, medium, and large silicone eye pads
  • Lifting glue
  • Perm lotion
  • Fixation lotion
  • Nourishing lotion

You can easily use our various lash lift products and accessories together. This saves you the trouble of buying individual items from various lash lift brands that may not be compatible with each other.

Moreover, the liquids and creams are packaged in airless pumps and sachets. Our packaging ensures that the contents are free from spoilage and dust, making them hygienic, safe, and easy to use.

Each kit is good for 30 to 40 clients, so you won’t have to keep restocking. This adds to your savings and keeps your costs low.

Final Thoughts

Choosing lash lift supplies for your lash business can be confusing and cumbersome. But keeping these four factors in mind will help you choose safe, quality tools and professional lash lift supplies. Bookmark this page so you can easily refer to it while shopping!