Guide to Doll Eye Mapping

Doll eyes should be a staple in your lashing repertoire. For most clients, doll eye sets would be the ideal set for their eyes. We will go over the basics of the doll eye style and how to create the perfect lash map for you to create this wildly popular style during your lashing appointments.

What is doll eye style?

The doll eyes style have the longest lengths in the middle, and shorter lengths on the inner and outer eyelashes. This mapping will make the eyes appear bigger by ‘’opening’’ up the eyes. 

Who is this for?

Doll eyes are best suited for people who have almond eyes, hooded eyes and downturned eyes and deep set eyes. 

How to create lash map for doll eye style

What you need: Lash map stickers

 Lash map stickers

You can get pre-drawn lash maps from our store! These stickers are already separated into 5 sections. Grab a pen and write the lengths you want to use in those sections. The inner corners should be the shorter lengths, while the middle should be a bit longer. The outer corners should be shorter than the middle lengths by 2 mm. 

If you want to give a more customized look to your clients, grab a pen and draw the lines to separate your sections, and then write the lengths you want to use in the different sections. 

What to notice during lash mapping

It is important to keep in mind the length of your clients natural eyelashes. If the client doesn’t have very long natural lashes, you will want to give them an extension 2-3 mm longer than the natural lash in order to give them a healthy set. 

The right curl should also be considered. Be aware that using very curled eyelashes, when their natural lashes are already curled might not give you the look you are trying to achieve. If the natural lashes are straight or not very curled, you might want to go for CC curl or D curl, while if the natural lashes are very curled, you might want to go for C or CC curl.