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What is an eyelash extension kit?

Anything and everything related to eyelash extensions of any type is feasible if you have an eyelash extension kit. Mastering these simple and lucrative techniques is a good step ahead if you're an established beautician or gearing up to pursue this career. Then again, providing different options is the ideal method to thrill loyal clients while enticing new clients to visit. With one of the convenient lash extension kits, you'll have everything you need!

An eyelash extension kit is mostly for beginner's lash technicians who are looking forward to starting their own lash extensions business and want to learn the basic tips and tricks. It's ideal for beginner lash artists as they could have all the essentials within an arm's distance.

The lash extension kit consists of everything you need to perform eyelash extensions on your clients. It is put together to keep your convenience in mind, with eyelash trays, lash adhesive, a pair of tweezers, cream remover, nano bonder, primer, eye pads, eyelash brushes, etc.

Why you should choose an eyelash extension kit

best eyelash extension kit

Choosing a good and right eyelash extension kit will help you in the long run and make your lashing experience worthwhile. Here's a guide on what is considered a good part of the eyelash extension kit, and you should bear in mind that these items must be included in your eyelash extension kit to help you immensely with a multitude of various clients.

  •   Eyelashes trays

Eyelash trays are a collection of trays that are used to hold the lashes in place and are one of the integral parts of the eyelash extension kits. Any good extension kit will come with the necessary lash supply and multiple types. It is advisable that you should get many trays of varying lengths.

  •  Eyelash Adhesives

Every customer wants eyelashes that last a long time. As a result, lash glue needs to be a priority. Start with a slow-drying adhesive if you're just setting out as an eyelash tech. Unless you've been lashing for a while, you must try a professional glue that hardens in less than one second.

  • Eye Pads & Tape Eye

Lash tech, caution first! Eyelash pads and tape are vital and should be included in the eyelash extension kits. Eye pads safeguard the delicate skin around your client's eyelids. Meanwhile, eye tape maintains the bottom lashes in place, ensuring that no eyelashes are stuck to the hairs you're lengthening.

  • Primer for Preparation

Is it better to prime or not to prime? Of course, it’s better to prime before starting the lash extension. Primer is a key step in prepping the eyelids for many clients, thus it's a must-have item in any lash extensions kit. When a client's skin is too dry, it's advisable to forgo applying lash extension primer. However, for the most part, primer is a good technique to prep the eyelids for the lavish lash procedure. Take the time to learn the do’s and don'ts of lash extension primer, so that you realize when to use it and when and how to omit it!

  •    Eyelash brushes:

Eyelash brush comes in handy while applying eyelash extensions to the client's eye, they are part of every good eyelash extension kit. Brushes help ensure that the client's eyelash extensions are good to go or are applied perfectly.

  •   Set of tweezers

Good quality tweezers are also an essential part of a good quality eyelash kit. Tweezers are used to apply the lash extensions onto the client's eyes. Hence, they are an integral part of a lash extension kit. There are different tweezers to help you decide what looks better with your lash application style.

These lash extension kits really come in handy during the training and practice of the lash technicians to use them on clients later on, as they are an all-in-one kind of toolbox designed for the convenience of lash experts.

LLBA lash extension kit

LLBA lash extension kit

There are two types of lash extension kits available at LLBA; The Classic and Volume sets, both with varying items required for respective eyelash extensions type. Everything is thoughtfully put together, and are the best-selling products for classic and volume lash extensions to give you an all-in-one experience.

It's no mystery that being your own boss takes hard work and dedication. We're here to make your life a bit simpler. Why not use an eyelash extension kit or an eyelash lift kit instead of buying separate items? These are quite convenient for the lash experts as these eyelash extension kits are inexpensive compared to buying those products individually. You'll save a lot of money over the long term, and you'll know for sure that you're getting what you need. LLBA has got you covered! Place your trust in a LLBA lash extension full kit and be ready to rule the lash world.