Everything you need to know about lash extension retention

Did you know that eyelash extension can last up to eight weeks? Lash extensions are semi-permanent. Once stuck on your eyelashes, they will take some time to fall. That can be caused by lash shedding, some lash retention killers, not getting the right adhesive, or health conditions and medications. You’ll find an explanation of those details below! 

What is eyelash extension retention and why is it important?

Lash retention simply means how long eyelash extensions last on the natural lashes. 

One of the reasons why we love extensions is because they stay on our eyelashes for a long time compared to other products in the cosmetic industry… But did you know that you can contribute to this happiness? 

Indeed, there are some ways you can get longer retentions and we will take our time to explain to you how to improve your lash retentions! 

You can either lose your lashes because the bond between the eyelash extension and the glue breaks, or because your natural lashes fall.

eyelash extension retention

This is the reason why it is important for a lash artist to analyze a client’s natural eyelashes, to choose the right thickness and length. Choosing an inappropriate thickness or length can damage the natural lashes, and make the natural lashes fall faster. This can be problematic since we don’t want to lose our real lashes unless it is time for natural shedding.

What are major causes of bad retention?

In order to improve the lash retentions, there are a few things you need to educate your clients on:

1. Avoid rubbing their eyes!

Be careful when touching the eyes. That can happen unconsciously. It could happen while they are stressed and plucking their eyelashes or it could happen at night while sleeping when the eyes are rubbing against the pillow.

Eye rubbing 

If you know you are the kind of person to sleep on your face, get an eye mask for sleep or a silk pillowcase! You will avoid your lashes getting caught or pulled on a regular pillowcase.  

Rubbing your eyes can also cause lash damage since you’ll be pulling your real eyelashes. That will result in fewer full lash sets whenever you go to get your lashes done. 

2. Avoid products with the oil! 

Make sure to use oil-free products. Products with oil can easily break the bond between the adhesive and the natural lash. If applying cream, make sure to leave the eyes area cream-free. If you wear makeup, be careful with makeup remover. Some contain oil as well. Make sure to use lash shampoo to remove the makeup from the eyes area, and to use oil-free makeup remover when you’re cleaning your face from makeup. 

3. Clean your lashes religiously!

A lot can accumulate around the eyes area. It can be sebum, makeup residues, sweat, dry skin, anything! This is the reason why it is important to clean the lashes. Not only will it keep away from getting eye infections, but it will also help for the adhesive bond to stay on the natural lashes. 

lash shampoo

Get lash shampoo now!

Many clients will think cleaning their lashes will make their lashes fall, but take some time to make them understand that lashes don’t stick to dirty lashes! 

It is important for you to remind your clients. You can educate them while they do their consultation, and print little cards, so they can keep them. Sharing educational posts and videos on your social media can also help to make them understand the importance. 

How to improve eyelash extension retention

Here are some tips for you, lash artist to make sure you can provide the best lash retentions to your clients. 

1. Make sure to use a fresh adhesive

Once the bottle opens, the glue won’t be as fresh as time flies. An adhesive bottle should be changed every 4 weeks unless the supplier indicates something else. 

During the session, make sure to change your adhesive drop as soon as the consistency starts to thicken. A fresh glue drop should be round and should have syrup or liquid viscosity. 

When it starts to thicken, it means that the glue drop is starting to cure, which means some part of the glue has already started to dry, and won’t be effective if you remain using the same glue drop to stick the eyelashes. 

2. Make sure to store your lash adhesive properly

An adhesive should always be in a hermetic bag or a hermetic container. That way, it can keep the adhesive fresh and humidity won’t deteriorate the adhesive. 

The container or the bag needs to be stored away from the sunlight. Sunlight can make an adhesive go bad because of the heat.

Some adhesives will require to be stored in the fridge before opening, while others don’t.  Make sure to follow the supplier’s indications.

3. Make sure to use your humidity in the right environment

Adhesives have different drying times, and your environment can affect the drying time. There are usually indications saying the ideal conditions.  Make sure to measure your environment with a hygrometer. If your environment is higher in humidity or temperature than the indication, your glue will most likely dry way faster than it should, while if the humidity or temperature are lower, the glue will drow way slower. 


  • Make sure to use the right technique
  • Always take the time when it comes to applying for eyelash extension on natural lashes, to make sure the base is stuck on the natural lash. 

    Some lash artists tend to work fast, but because of that, they aren’t careful with their technique, which results in poor retention. Always make sure to take the time to stick the lash extension carefully without rushing. 

    Working fast can be a good thing, but not when it affects your work quality. Increase your speed by practicing isolation instead! 

    If you feel like you are not able to find the right technique, don’t hesitate to invest in an advanced lash class. Don’t forget that education is an investment for you to work faster, give better lash services, and get more knowledge in the field. 

  • Make sure your clients are wearing their masks properly
  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, masks have become the main accessory in our daily life. You probably know how it can be while wearing the mask. This is the reason why you need to make sure your clients wear their masks properly by making sure no air comes from the top of their masks. 

    Make sure they have applied pressure to close the edge of their mask, otherwise humidity and temperature rise. 

    Having higher humidity and temperature will make the adhesive cure faster, even though you are working in ideal conditions. If the glue drop dries faster, then the glue might dry before you reach the natural lash, which will cause poor retention. 

    What causes bad eyelash retention?

    eyelash extension

    There are other reasons that could affect lash retentions and no one can control those. It includes medications, health conditions, seasonal sheddings. 

    1. Medication and health conditions 

    Make sure to ask your clients about their health conditions and the medications they take when they get to their appointment. You can note these details on some forms (P/S: LLBA Professional offers those for free on their website). 

    You’ll be able to do some research on the conditions they have or the medications they take, and see if it can affect or not lash retention. 

    Some medications make the body produce more sebum, while other medications can make the body shed faster.

    2. Seasonal shedding

    Have you ever noticed that sometimes during the year we tend to lose more hair than usual? That usually happens during seasonal changes.

    Our body either gets ready for cooler temperatures or gets ready for hotter temperatures including more vitamin C from the sun. 

    You’ll notice your clients losing more lashes in spring, and in fall. The lashes will end their cycle faster in order to prepare for the new season coming in.

    Seasonal shedding

    They’ll lose their real lashes, and sets/fills will look less full as usual. The good thing about that is that it is temporary! It lasts a few weeks, and then the lashes are back to normal.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t much we, lash artists, can do about it. You might want to explain this situation to your clients, so they know it is something natural happening. 

    If you want to know more about lash retention killers, and how to avoid them, read our other articles on our blog. We try our best to give you all the secrets on how to get the best lash retentions possible, from client maintenance to tips and tricks for you to give the best eyelash extensions services possible.