Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Dye

Did you know that ancient Egyptians used to elongate their eyebrows using carbon and that the ancient Greeks used black incense, paint, or powder to create the illusion of unibrows? Darkening or filling the brows to make them appear longer, thicker, and fuller is clearly not a recent trend. 

Considering the importance eyebrows play in enhancing the overall facial features and framing the face to look more attractive, it’s no wonder they’ve been such a focal point throughout cosmetic history.

A wide range of procedures is available today that cater to fulfilling people’s desire for thicker, well-defined brows.  Eyebrow dye is one such procedure that is extremely popular among those who want their eyebrows to always be “on point.”

So, what does brow dye entail? We’ve covered it all below!

What Is Brow Dye?

Brow dye, a semi-permanent procedure, is the most recent addition in the world of eyebrow thickening and colouring procedures.

What Is Brow Dye?

Like dying the hair on your head, brow dying involves using a colour or tint to stain eyebrow hair. The dye is also meant to stain the skin under the hair, which helps reduce the appearance of sparse hair while making the eyebrows appear denser and fuller.

Advantages Of Brow Dyeing

Eyebrow dyeing is a popular choice among those who wish to make their eyebrows appear thicker, fuller, more defined, and voluminous. Apart from this, the process also offers some other benefits. 

Reduced Makeup Time

Lining, filling, setting the eyebrows with a gel, and using a concealer to “carve” them takes time during your daily makeup routine.That’s precious time that can be used for other things, be it a lie-in or a few extra minutes for breakfast.

Reduced Makeup Time

An eyebrow dye helps reduce the time taken to apply makeup daily as it makes the eyebrows look defined, full, and sharp without effort.

Painless, Convenient, and Long Lasting

Eyebrow dying is a quick procedure to achieve thick, defined brows that look stunning and frame the face nicely.

It helps enhance the brows and lasts a relatively long time, making it extra convenient for those who don’t like to get their brows done repeatedly.

Covers White Hair And Frames The Face

Eyebrow dye is a great way to reduce the appearance of gray hair and make the eyebrows appear like they haven’t aged at all! 

Plus, well-defined, full eyebrows make the face look more framed, which enhances the overall facial features and creates a better, more put-together look.

Disadvantages Of Eyebrow Dyeing

As is the case with all things, eyebrow dyeing too has its share of disadvantages. Here are some drawbacks to eyebrow dyes:

  • It can be an expensive procedure
  • It can stain clothing and skin if not done properly
  • It may cause allergic reactions or irritation if the dye used is not suitable or not of good quality

Brow Dye vs Brow Tint: How Are They Different?

Brow tints are the original brow styling procedure in the cosmetics industry. People often refer to it when they say they’re going to get their brows done.

Brow tints involve precisely colouring only the natural strands of eyebrow hair without staining the skin underneath it. So, unlike brow dyes that also stain the skin underneath, brow tints only colour the existing hair. This, however, also causes the brow tint procedure to fade faster — in around 2 to 4 weeks.

Brow Dye vs Brow Tint How Are They Different

Eyebrow tints also offer a more natural appearance than brow dyes since they only colour natural hair. However, if the natural hair is sparse and thin, then the eyebrow tint will only darken it and do nothing to make the eyebrows appear denser.

They are mainly meant to enhance the brows by adding definition and pigment without changing the shape or making them look more voluminous.

Generally, eyebrow tints differ from brow dyes in terms of: 

  • The overall effect — brow dye has a more dramatic effect while brow tint looks more natural.
  • Longevity — the effects of brow dye can last up to 4-6 weeks while brow tint lasts only up to 2-3 weeks.
  • Treatment process — brow dye stains the eyebrows as well as the skin underneath while brow tint only colours the existing hair.

What Is The Best Way To Dye Eyebrows?

The best way to get the eyebrows dyed is to get them done by a professional. Avoid DIY-ing this procedure, as it can cause significant mishaps. 

The overall brow dying procedure takes less than 45 minutes. Here’s what the process involves: 

1. Cleaning the Area 

The first step in the brow dying process is to thoroughly cleanse the brow area to ensure that there is no dirt, oil, or makeup residue. If the area is unclean, it can hinder the dying process or result in uneven pigmentation as the dye may not catch on properly.

Cleaning the Area

2. Assessing the Brow Shape

The eyebrows are measured and shaped to make sure they suit the client’s facial structure and features. This is a collaborative step between the client and technician as the client can select the shape of their eyebrows. Getting the right shape will ensure an overall flattering effect. 

3. Prepping the Eyebrow

The technician will apply a base cream, paste, or petroleum jelly to the skin surrounding the eyebrows to avoid staining the area surrounding it; since only the eyebrow hair and the skin underneath will be coloured with the dye. That helps achieve those sharp, defined lines.

4. Applying the Dye 

Once the area is properly outlined, the semi-permanent dye mix is applied to the eyebrows with a brush or spoolie. The shade of the dye can be completely customized to perfectly suit the client’s unique skin tone and hair colour.

Applying the Dye

The tint is left on for a few minutes to allow the pigment to stain the hair and skin and is then wiped off with a gentle, gel-based cleaner.

5. Finishing Touches

Finally, the technician may wax, thread, or tweeze the eyebrows for a better definition.

How Long Does Brow Dye Last?

Brow dye is a semi-permanent procedure, which means the effects of the dye do not last forever but gradually fade.

Typically, the effects of the eyebrow dye last for about 4-6 weeks or the length of the natural hair growth cycle. But it may differ from one client to another. It all depends on how quickly their hair grows and their hair growth cycle at the time of the procedure.

How Long Does Brow Dye Last?

Since the brow dying permanently stains the eyebrow hair, the strand will remain dark and coloured until its cycle ends and it naturally sheds. Once the dyed hair sheds, the new hair that grows to replace it is uncoloured and thus the client may want a touch-up.

It often takes around Four weeks for the eyebrow’s natural colour to become visible again.

Touch-up timelines depend on the client in question. On average, it would take approximately 6-8 weeks for the brows to require another dyeing session due to the shedding.

Factors That Affect The Longevity Of The Eyebrow Dye

1. Hair Growth Cycle/Hormones And Age

If a client’s hair growth cycle is shorter than average, their eyebrow dye may fade faster than the average duration of 6-8 weeks. This often depends on their age and hormones, which may impact how quickly their hair sheds.

2. Hair Type

Some hair types, such as thicker hairs, hold the hair dye better than others, while certain types “reject” the hair colour. 

On the other hand, thinner strands may shed faster and need a follow-up appointment sooner than the usual 6-8 weeks.

However, if the dye formula is well-suited to the hair type in question, the effects may last longer, even if the hair is thinner or prone to shedding.

3. Preparation For The Treatment

The proper measures to prepare for the brow dyeing procedure may help the dye last longer. That involves appropriately removing makeup and cleansing the area to eliminate sebum, oil, dirt, or skincare product residue.

4. Skin Type

The client’s natural skin type can also affect the longevity of the brow dye. That is because oily skin, which produces excessive sebum, can fade the dye’s colour faster than normal skin types.

5. Skincare Products

Harsh chemicals in certain skincare products can bleach, causing the dye to fade faster. Additionally, oils and oil-based serums can cause the dye to “lift” and dissolve the colour, causing it to wash off more quickly from the brows.

6. Exposure To Sunlight

Sunlight is known to cause hair colour and dyes to fade faster as the UV rays have a bleaching effect. That also applies to eyebrow dye. So, those who spend long periods in the sun may experience their eyebrow dye fading faster because of the chemical reaction that takes place due to sun exposure.

Exposure To Sunlight

Tips To Make Brow Dye Last Longer

Following the proper aftercare is essential to maintain the eyebrow dye for as long as possible. Here are some important aftercare tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid getting the brows wet for the first 48 hours post-treatment.
  • Do not use anti-aging products in the brow area as they promote cell turnover that can make the dye fade faster.
  • Avoid facial steamers and saunas.
  • Use gentle cleansers and non-alcoholic products (e.g., toners).
  • Avoid swimming in chlorine pools or saltwater.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals, scrubs, or exfoliants in the brow region.
  • Reduce rigorous activities that can cause you to sweat.
  • Take shorter showers to reduce water exposure.
  • Avoid using antibacterial soap and micellar water in the brow area.
  • Avoid sun exposure.

Tips To Make Brow Dye Last Longer

How To Remove Brow Dye?

Mistakes happen; you never know when you may need to remove brow dye from your eyebrows or the skin around them. 

So, if you need to remove the eyebrow dye or fade it out, you essentially have to do the complete opposite of the aftercare steps.

  • Steam the brows with a facial steamer.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol or antibacterial soap to the area to exfoliate the skin and help fade the dye.
  • Use an exfoliating scrub.
  • Soak cotton pads in micellar water and place them on the brows.
  • Use facial bleach to lighten the dye if it’s too dark.
  • Apply a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice to the brows and let it soak.
  • Apply a whitening toothpaste to the brow area. Once it is dry, scrape it off with a toothbrush — this will bleach the dye and lighten the brows.
  • Massage baby oil or conditioner into the brows and rinse off before repeating.
  • Use silicone-based cleansers or clarifying shampoos on the brows.

How To Remove Brow Dye

LLBA’s Choice For Brow Dyeing

The cosmetic market is saturated with various products, making it challenging to pick the product to suit your needs. You must invest time and effort researching all the options before stumbling across the perfect product. 

We know how taxing this can be, and that’s why we’ve done the hard work for you. 

LLBA’s choice of brow dye is the  Bronsun Lash and Brow Dye collection. This unique dye is the only one on the market that offers similar effects to a Henna brow treatment. Often called a “hybrid,” this line is immensely popular amongst aestheticians and technicians — and for good reason! 

LLBA’s Choice For Brow Dyeing

This professional collection includes all the brow dyeing essentials, from primer and dye to a fixing lotion, developer, and tint remover — a perfect pick for all your eyebrow dyeing needs. 

Final Thoughts: Why Get The Brows Dyed?

Getting the brows dyed has a lot of advantages as it’s a painless, convenient, and simple procedure that requires very little time. It also lasts extremely long and can give the eyebrows a dramatic appearance that brightens up your eyes and enhances your look.

It also adds depth to the eyebrows, making otherwise sparse brows appear fuller, denser, and more profound. Overall, a brow dye is a great way to reduce the time spent on your makeup routine while still enjoying flawless brows!

Brow Dye: FAQs

Why should I dye my brows?

Dyeing the brows is a quick, painless, and convenient process that offers instant results. It’s an excellent option for those wishing to enjoy well-defined, denser, and darker brows.

Does brow dye look the same as henna brows?

No, brow dye doesn’t necessarily always look the same as henna brows. However, the  Bronsun line is designed to offer similar results as henna brows.

How long will the dye last? How can I make it last longer?

The dye will last around 7 weeks on average. If you wish to make it last longer, make sure you follow the aftercare instructions carefully.

Is brow dye safe?

While it may not be completely natural, brow dye is indeed safe. A suitable formulation, such as the  Bronsun brow and lash dye line, will be gentle and effective enough to provide visible results without damaging the brows with harsh chemicals.