Best Practices for eyelash extension aftercare

Once you’ve received your eyelash extensions, the next thing you need is to learn about eyelash extension aftercare.

Lash artists know all too well why eyelash extensions are as popular as they are. A fresh, new, and complete set of eyelash extensions can really change the way you look – and consequently the way you live your life! But they won’t stay fresh forever without proper care. This does not necessarily have to be a burden – rather it’s an opportunity for you and your clients to communicate and reach a better outcome for the service.

Eyelash extensions are wonderful things indeed, but what’s more amazing is the fact that their effects can be prolonged for a long time. This is done by performing perfect (or near-perfect) aftercare for your extensions right after application. That’s why a crucial part of every successful eyelash extension application is not the application itself, but rather eyelash extension aftercare.

Why is aftercare so important in eyelash extension retention?

If you’re a trained lash artist, eyelash extension applications should be nothing foreign to you. It should be second nature to know the appropriate process regarding how to best apply extensions for your clients. Everything is controllable – from the first lashes to the last ones.

What can’t be controlled exactly is how long the lashes will last. This might be said to be the most important factor when considering eyelash extensions, since durability is what most clients look for when they use your services. Beauty isn’t enough – long-lasting beauty is what everyone wants.

How long lashes will last depends on the quality of the aftercare for eyelash extensions, and this will largely determine the level of satisfaction your client has with your service. Try your best to convey to them the importance of eyelash extension aftercare; how if they don’t follow the necessary steps, there might be problems with retention. What we want as trained lash artists is to make our clients aware of the problems that might come up with a flawed aftercare procedure.

Dos and Don’ts for eyelash extension aftercare

There are a lot of things you need to make your clients aware of for their aftercare, but here are several that we think are the most essential:

Daily washing

This is an underrated instruction because it’s so obvious that many have taken a rather casual approach to it. Many clients seem to forget about it, and this, in turn, shortens the lifespans of their lashes.

You can’t stress enough how important daily washing is to your clients. Make sure that your clients understand that constant washing and maintaining doesn’t mean that they can’t touch them at all, but rather that they should do what is required. 

Warn about oil

Warn your clients against using oily products around the eyes, as this can break down the adhesive bond and fundamentally reduce the level of retention. If possible, introduce them to oil-free products that are better for them (also a sneaky opportunity for marketing!).

Oil products can include facial cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, and more. Any facial product that contains oil is a no-go. Make sure you differentiate clearly the difference between oily facial products and general oily products (which can still be used).

Avoid getting wet

Absolutely avoid getting your new lashes wet, especially within the first 48 hours. Water is something that will cause harm to the lash bonds by making them more brittle and easy to break.

After the aforementioned 48 hour period, your clients are okay to shower again. Try to explain this properly and debunk the myth about never being able to get the extensions wet once applied. 

Sleeping posture is important

Yes, even sleeping the wrong way might cause serious retention issues! Inform your clients about this and that sleeping on their backs is more proper.

Sleeping on the sides or the fronts can cause accidental lash loss, and in fact clients do report that they lose their lashes the most upon waking up. Advise them to invest in a satin pillowcase, as there will be less friction when sleeping on one.

There are obviously more than the above, but these are really the most essential Dos and Don’ts of eyelash extension aftercare!

Products to sell to your clients for aftercare

There are several categories of products you can recommend for your clients to use in addition to what they already have for eyelash extension aftercare. Among the most important options, silicon applicators are useful in massaging the eyes as well as providing cleansing for the lashes – and even the eyebrows. Professional cosmetic sponges can be purchased to effect a comprehensive cleaning of the facial skin, while small fans are available to provide quick and gentle drying while subtly lifting and styling the extensions. Do make sure you have specialized makeup remover suited for use alongside lash extensions as well as facial cleansers to provide nourishment for the areas around the eyes.

It’s certain that your communications regarding aftercare for eyelash extensions between you and your clients will improve and be more effective. Good luck!