A quick guide to finding your eyelash extension suppliers

If you just started as a lash artist, you should know it isn’t always easy to find the right eyelash extension supplier. We have to think about not just cost, but the quality of the eyelash extensions, lash glue, primer, tweezers and more! There are just too many choices and too many different products! Worse of all, we’re worried that making the wrong purchase means that is less money to reinvest into your new lash business!

If you are an experienced lash artist, you probably know how hard it was to find the perfect lash supplier as we have many criterias in order to choose the right one. 

The usual way of finding lash suppliers would be to do research on Google. writing keywords like “lash supplier’’, and then go over each link one by one. You’ll find many online shops, local stores or even results on Amazon, but this isn’t the only way to find lash suppliers.

Nowadays, we have many online channels that allow us to find new lash suppliers. It is possible to find lash suppliers on Facebook, by searching on marketplace or facebook pages as well as with facebook ads shown to you. Another way is by Instagram: whenever lash artists tag the brands they used or go over posts with your choice of hashtag, you can search up that brand on google and check them out.

A quick guide to finding your eyelash 

Now, to help you a little bit, here are what we suggest you once you have found some lash suppliers that look interesting to you: 

  • Read their reviews. The common places where you can find the reviews are on Google and Facebook. It will happen that some companies will have no reviews yet since they are new. If you are comfortable and don’t mind spending some money, you can always order and check the quality by yourself. Otherwise, you might want to go for a company that is a little bit more known. 
  • To get a more balanced appraisal of the product, try to read reviews that are fairly lengthy and make sure to read the reviews with 2-3-4 stars as well. These kinds of reviews will give you a heads up on what to expect from the eyelash extension or accessories you will be ordering

If you still aren’t sure after looking at the reviews, you can do deeper research by joining lash groups on Facebook. Indeed, there are many lash communities on Facebook where lash artists help each other. It is possible to ask for advice and post on those groups whenever you have questions. You’ll be able to hear from experienced lash artists who already tried the lash brands you are wondering about.  We realized how important it is for lash artists to have their own community so we have created our own Facebook group for lash artists to learn and share their experiences. Check out our Facebook group

Another way to find good lash suppliers is to network with other lash artists on social media or in real life if you know any lash artists. As we are all in the same boat, it is normal for lash artists to share their experiences with lash brands, allowing you to see how they like it.

A quick guide to finding your eyelash extension

However, just because one lash artist likes a brand, that doesn’t mean that everyone will like it. We are all different and we all work differently, and it is important to keep this in mind since a lash artist might love the products of one lash supplier, but that doesn’t mean that you will fall in love directly with that brand. Because of this, it's important to understand why someone likes a particular brand, so you can decide what is most valuable to you: speed, quality, price, or reliable customer service.

Reading and hearing some reviews can be helpful, but it will never be as good as trying yourself to see if you like it or not. For example, some glue brands dry much faster than others, and are designed for experienced lash artists. As a new lash artist, you might find that that particular glue dries too fast for you to apply correctly, leading to poor retention for you. This is despite the fact that the same glue is praised for its speed and retention. Everyone has different standards when it comes to lash supplies, and everyone works differently. 

Also, don’t neglect the importance of customer service! For new lash technicians especially, it can be difficult knowing what is the best way to use a certain product, or even worse the shipment. A brand could have the best product on the market, but if that brand has poor customer service the result will be much poorer than expected.

We also often like to buy everything from the same supplier, but it won’t always be the case. It may happen that you like the lash trays from a company, but not their adhesives or tweezers. You might want to shop at three different shops for different products and this is totally normal. 

Take the time you need to do research and to try products. There is no product that will be perfect for everyone, but remember, using the right products is important because it will reflect your work on your pictures, and your clients eyes!