7 Eyelash Extension Aftercare Tips That Make Them Last Longer

In order to maintain the look and lifespan of lash extensions, there are 7 crucial tips that your customers need to follow. Make sure they understand and follow those instructions.

1. Avoid water and steam for the first 24 hours

Your customers should avoid getting their lashes exposed to water, and wait for the glue to fully dry before allowing water to touch directly their lashes. Retention will be better if the adhesive is fully dry and sticks properly to the natural lash.

Consider the choice of eye makeup

With the lash extensions on, your customers don’t need to wear heavy eye makeup or mascara, but if they really want to, they’d better avoid waterproof at all costs because it will be hard to remove. They should also avoid oil-based makeup removal on their lashes. Lash extension shampoo is also a good choice since it is gentle for the eyes and the lashes.

Prolong Lash Cleanser concentrate

Prolong Lash Cleanser concentrate

3. Avoid using eyelash curler

Lash curlers can be harmful to the extensions. It can cause an ugly bend on the lashes that will be hard to go away. You can choose the lash shape that meets the desired look right from the beginning and say goodbye to the eyelash curler.

4. Avoid rubbing the eyes

One of the most crucial key to be able to have a good retention is to avoid rubbing the eyes, so the lashes won’t fall out quicker. Make sure your customers are mindful of their eye rubbing habit and only gently rub their eyelids to avoid stress on their lashes.

5. Use a lash wand

Tell your customers to take care of their lashes every morning with a lash wand. They should use a lash wand that is made for lash extensions and gently brush them to keep them properly aligned. This lash wand from LLBA Professional will keep your customer’s lashes neat looking and clean.

6. Sleep on the back

The pillowcase might impact the lash extension during their sleep, so make sure your customers sleep on their back to keep the lashes in shape.

7. Touch-up for every 3 weeks

The lash extensions will eventually fall off along with the natural lash every few weeks. So, your customers need to be aware of this and have their lash checked and refilled over time. To ensure they have the best and long lasting lashes, your customers need to go to your salon every 3 weeks.

By practicing the right techniques and providing proper care, your customers will be happy with your services, and will definitely come back to you for more. We hope that these eyelash extensions aftercare tips will help you provide good services to your customers and help your business grow.