4 Common Types of Wispy Lash Map

A major beauty trend, wispy lashes deliver a fluttery eyelash look that can be customized as per an individual’s face and eye shape. Wispy lashes refer to using fine and feathery eyelash extensions that make the eyes more noticeable.

The wispy lash look uses lashes of different lengths to fan out beautifully like feathers. These wispy lash extensions are applied per lash mapping to achieve the perfect length, density, and curl.

Learn all about different wispy lash maps that can help you create iconic lash looks!

What is Wispy Lash Mapping?

Lash mapping essentially refers to a technique or process in which you plan which specific lash you will use and where based on its length, curl, and thickness.

And for wispy eyelash extensions, this involves determining how you will arrange the lash extensions to create the perfect volume and curl based on the eye shape and condition of natural eyelashes.

And since each individual has a unique pair of eyes with a distinct eye shape, there are better types of wispy lash map for all eyes.

What is Wispy Lash Mapping?

Common Types of Wispy Lash Map

Every lash set requires a different type of mapping. Here are the four most common types of wispy lash maps.

Kim K Wispy

As the name suggests, this wispy lash map is inspired by Kim Kardashian. The Kim K wispy lash extensions are currently the most popular type because of the reality star.

This type of lash mapping uses 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, and 11mm lashes, with the shorter ones on the inner corner and the 10mm on the outer. Longer lashes are placed regularly to create a natural lash look that also suits any eye shape..

Kim K Wispy

Dolly-Eye Wispy

Also known as the Dolly Eye, this type of wispy lash gives you doll-like eyes by putting 12mm lashes in the middle section, 11mm near the inner corner, and 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm around the corneas.

The effect is to make the eyes look rounder and bigger, just like a doll’s eyes!

While it can be quite dramatic depending on the lash lengths chosen, it’s also an appealing look for hooded or almond-shaped eyes.

Open-Eye Wispy

In the open-eye wispy lash mapping, the lash placement on the lash line helps open up the eyes as the extensions are visible. This type of lash look is more suitable for hooded eyes since people with hooded eyes usually have hidden lash lines, so mapping becomes even more important.

Long and thick lashes are better for the open-eye technique on people with hooded eyes. You can also use different lengths of eyelash extensions to create the perfect wispy look.

Cat-Eye Wispy

The cat-eye look has been in vogue forever! Cat-eye wispy mapping gives the outer corners of the eyes a dramatic and elongated appearance, much like a cat's eye. These fluttery, winged lashes typically have longer, thicker, and more curled lengths near the outer corner of the eye.

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