3 Tips to Stay Updated In Eyelash Extension Business

There has never been a better time to be in the eyelash extension business. A cursory view of social media should indicate that lash extensions are the beauty industry's present and future.

It makes sense — what’s not to like? Lash extensions are glamorous, personalized, and semi-permanent. They completely transform appearances, and best of all, they save women a massive amount of time on otherwise tedious and time-intensive makeup routines. And according to most beauty trends in the previous few years, outfits of the day aren’t considered complete without fluffy and full lash extensions.

Considering the product’s popularity, it is a no-brainer that any eyelash extension business will be booming. But if you need further assistance to shine, following these three golden rules will have you sashaying away into the sunset with a highly successful business in no time.

Check TikTok’s Beauty Trends

TikTok is no longer simply an app to check up on your friends. It has transformed into a window that will give you a glimpse of all the latest trends. Whether it’s the latest dance moves, the most popular TV shows, life hacks, or trends in the fashion and beauty world, TikTok keeps updated on what Millennials and Gen-Z are currently obsessing over.

Check TikTok’s Beauty Trends

A few months ago, the underlash trend was making waves in the Tik Tok community, with a popular trend involving creating a more spiky look with your eyelashes — by spacing them out in clusters —  to achieve a look popularized by characters from Japanese Manga. 

A trend first discovered on another Chinese social media app, it soon made waves among Tik Tok influencers and took the lash extension market by storm. Products that can help you achieve this look are available from select suppliers.  

More recently, the YY-shaped eyelashes — with a long base and fanned-out tip — have been seeing immense popularity on Tik Tok. Suppliers like us, LLBA, have some of the highest quality lash extensions in this category that are guaranteed to transform a regular look into one full of glamour and magnetism.

If you aren’t keeping up with the latest trends on Tik Tok, chances are you’re missing out on what influencers want. And as we all know, the key to running a successful business is identifying your clients' desires.

This brings us to the following golden rule: 

Connect With Your Clients

You’re probably aware of social media platforms' impact on businesses in 2023. Communicating with clients has never been easier. Airline companies receive feedback on Twitter, fashion empires are built on Instagram feedback, and the comment sections of YouTube channels offer great insight into customer satisfaction (once you’ve sifted through all the unproductive insults first, of course). 

So naturally, it’s always beneficial to:

Learn from Their Insights

Analyzing human behaviour isn’t just a therapist’s job; it’s expertise no business can survive without. For running a successful eyelash extension salon/studio,  it’s advisable to conduct thorough research to understand what works and doesn’t.. For instance, when customers complain about the volume of low-quality lashes, work with your clients to redirect them to products like LLBA’s easy fan volume lashes. Show clients that you listen and are willing to adapt to their needs, and they will thank you.

Learn from Their Insights

Discuss Beauty Trends with Them

The worst thing you can do while running a successful business is to make assumptions. Running a company is not a game of chance. It involves serious discussion, back and forth, a great understanding of the market, and the willingness to devote hours to research. Once you’ve researched Tik Tok’s beauty trends in detail, don’t  hesitate to discuss your learnings with your clients. A little discussion goes a long way.

Ask Them to Follow You on Social Media

It may seem like obvious advice in the current climate, but it still needs to be reiterated for how essential it is. Your social media platforms are a tapestry for you to showcase your brand and your products. There’s no point in running an eyelash extension company or any business unless you display your products or services. 

But this advice goes both ways, of course!

Follow the Supplier’s Fanpage

There’s no greater feeling than knowing your work is being appreciated, and the easiest way to get this rush is by following supplier’s fan pages. For anyone in the eyelash extension business, doing so will help you remain up to date on what clients want (and don’t want), stay on top of the biggest trends, and gain valuable feedback on what products work best.

Following suppliers like LLBA, who cater to tens of thousands of beauty influencers, can be immensely beneficial. If you aren’t going all in and following the big names in the business, you’re missing out on the chance to learn and grow with your business. 

Follow the Supplier’s Fanpage


It’s fair to say that lash extensions are here to stay and are among the latest trends dominating the beauty industry. And it’s therefore almost hard not to succeed in creating your brand. But why stop there? 

Following these golden rules can turn that successful brand into an empire. And that’s where you truly deserve to be.