Nano Sprayer - LLBA USA

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Nano Sprayer

Your adhesives are largely made of cyanoacrylate and this requires the presence of hydrogen and moisture to cure.  The nano mister creates an ultra fine mist of distilled water (H2O) which allows for a sufficient amount of hydrogen to cure the adhesive but not an excessive amount of moisture that will dissolve and break the bond.  


  • Comes with a Micro USB charging cord
  • USE ONLY DISTILLED WATER to ensure no hard water build up clogs the nozzle of the device.
  • After thoroughly air drying your client’s lashes at the end of the service, hold the Nano mister in an upright position 8-12 inches away from your client’s lashes. Sliding the bottom part of the device downward will turn it on.
  • Move the device back and forth in a swaying motion across your client’s lashes.