Easy Fan Mega Volume 0.07mm mix - Camellia - LLBA USA

Easy Fan Mega Volume 0.07mm mix - Camellia

Easy Fan Mega Volume Lashes are specifically for mega-volume lovers! 
If you are struggling to make the mega volume fans, imagine how this will be your life-saver! This super lightweight, easy and perfect method to create an amazing mega set!
  • Mixed trays in 9mm to 16mm, with new high-quality material, keep curl and retention more than 40%
  • Premium dark matte, silk material, a true dark
  • Available C and D curl
  • 16-row lash trays
  • Amazing flexibility, time-saving and budget-friendly
  • Offer a matte finish
Mixed tray lengths
  • 9mm(1row) - 10mm(1 row)
  • 11mm(2 rows) -12mm (3 rows) -13mm(3 rows)
  • 14mm(2 rows) -15mm(2 rows) -16mm(2 rows)

Why choose Camellia Lashes?

  These lashes create a natural look and will give your client the volume they’re desire. This allows you to easily create lash fans with differing lengths while giving your client a more natural, voluminous, and more dimensional lash set.

Why use Camellia ?

   Camellia lashes are designed for you if you want to incorporate natural and varying length fans into your sets. This will allow you to experiment and create custom, unique design to fully express your creativity and ability.