Adhesive Super Dry - LLBA USA

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Adhesive Super Dry

This product super dries any lash adhesive (no matter the humidity/original curing time) to cure instantly (0.5-1 sec depending on the amount of adhesive used).

How to use?

  • Apply a small amount of Superdry onto lash extensions while they are still on the strip to make any adhesive cure instantly.
  • Re-apply when you feel that adhesive curing has slowed down again.
  • It works with all lash adhesives.
  • Unlike any regular adhesive accelerators that usually contain a high amount of alcohol (which makes your glue more fumed), Superdry does the opposite.
  • It’s based on the concept of our Superbonder: it starts bonding existing cyanoacrylate fumes upon contact thus making your adhesive irritate less than it would without Superdry.