Why should you stock flat lashes mixed tray?

What are Flat Lashes?

Flat lashes, like individual lashes, come in a variety of curls, making them appropriate for any eye and style. A flat lash has a flat base and will give a bigger contact area for adhesive attachment, allowing the lashes to stay far longer than standard extensions. Flat lashes, also called Ellipse Lashes, and have a flat base that is inverted rather than round.

Flat Lashes

The popularity of Flat Lashes

Flat lashes are extremely popular nowadays solely because they are much lighter than other types of lashes but look exactly the same and inflict no harm to the natural lashes of the individual who is getting them. Because the lash glue has a larger adhesion area, Flat Lashes provide even more longevity. The unique characteristic is that flat lashes with a width of 0.15can give the impression of applying a 0.20 regular classic lash.  Flat lashes usually come in diameters of 0.10 mm to 0.20mm and are comparable to regular lashes with much broader diameters.

These one-of-a-kind lashes are spectacular and quite trendy. Those who like drama but cannot afford the thickness of conventional lashes opt for flat lashes. Most lash artists prefer flat lashes because they give a more sophisticated look while not affecting the condition of the client's eyelashes.

The popularity of Flat Lashes

Flat lashes have various advantages and are ideal for usage in a conventional or hybrid lash extension kit. They have a heavier and more dramatic appearance than a traditional lash of the same weight. Flat lashes are required if a client desires amazing lashes but cannot take the weight of conventional lashes. Flat lashes can also be tolerated by individuals with thin lashes without causing serious negative effects to their natural lashes. Lash experts are becoming more cognizant of the perks of these flay lashes and are employing them quite frequently nowadays.

Flat lashes are preferable because they provide the following benefits:

  •       Texture is amplified.

  •       Improved retention due to a greater adhesive contact area.

  •       More capacity without the added weight.

  •       Ability to use less adhesive.

  •       More dramatic effect.

For those women who prefer fuller-looking eyelashes without increasing weight to their natural lashes, flat lashes are ideal. Those who do not like the feeling of thick and stiff lashes tend to choose flat lashes because they do not feel stiff and look quite different from regular lashes. Flat Lash fibers are flattened, not spherical, like traditional lashes, and have a concave base. This is due to a unique production technique. They adapt to natural lashes to make the job easier and give individuals a full set of lashes.

How to choose Flat Lashes Mixed Trays

flat lashes mixed tray

Like any other type of eyelash extension, flat lashes also come in various mixed trays. There are different lengths and widths as per the requirement and tastes of the client.

Some features list below that are offered in mixed trays

  •       Types of Curls (C, CC, D etc.).

  •       Length (single or mixed).

  •       Diameter (8mm-15mm).

  •       Surface (matte or shiny/glossy).

Indeed, selecting good flat lashes mixed trays could be quite challenging. Clients should pay attention to the above-mentioned features of the flat lash very carefully to ensure to check off the entire requirement off of their list to achieve the desired look. As a result, Flat Lashes will provide individuals with a stunning lash look while maintaining convenience and durability. Flat Lashes can help lash extensions stay in place longer, thanks to their flat base. When it concerns durability, each lash expert probably already knows that the base of the lashes is everything, and that retention is crucial when applying lash extensions to the individuals. Keeping all the points as mentioned above, make it easier for individuals to choose flat lash extensions over the regular ones, and choose what kind of flat lashes are suitable for the individual. Our LLBA products are versatile and come in variety to offer you a look that you want.  In a nutshell, the convenience and benefits mentioned above of flat lashes make them more appealing in the eyes of clients.