Why are my clients losing more lash extensions on one side?

Believe it or not, this is something common! A client might come back for their infill and tell you they have lost more lashes on one eye than the other, and some might call or text you sooner because of losing eyelash extensions on one eye! 

Do not panic! This happens to every lash artist. The only solution is to take some time to analyze the situation, and we are here to help and guide you! 

Figure out which side your client is losing eyelashes

Take some time to figure out if this issue happens on the opposite side of your dominant hand. We are always faster on the same side than our dominant hand since we tend to be faster. 

Having to go further in order to stick a lash extension could be the cause of lash fall because it takes more time to reach the natural extension. 

There is not a magical solution, you either need to work faster, or use a slower drying glue.

It is always important to have adhesives in stock that suit your environment well. If you believe your adhesive can be drying too fast for you, you can always carry two adhesives, one for lower humidity, which will be slower, and one for higher humidity which will usually be faster. Then, you could use the adhesive that has a slower drying time for the opposite side, but we are aware it isn’t always easy to have many different adhesives.

Solutions for losing eyelashes

Solutions for losing eyelashes

To work faster, here are some solutions:

  • Ask your clients to turn their heads. That way, you can bring their opposite side closer to your dominant hand, which will allow you to stick the lash extension quicker. 
  • Use a glue ring on the opposite hand. That way, the glue drop is closer to their eye and you’ll be able to reach the natural lash faster. 
  • If you aren’t comfortable with the glue ring, you can always put your jade stone on the opposite side as well, so the distance is closer from their eye.
  • Make sure to properly isolate the natural lash before you dip the lash extension with the other hand. We often make the mistake of dipping the lash extension first and then try to isolate, to finally stick on it. This is a mistake that will make you slower whenever you’re lashing and can be problematic when it comes to retention because the glue drop will for a sure cure before you reach the point. 
  • Add more adhesive on the problematic side. A bit more adhesive, but not a ton! This can help the glue drop dries a bit slower, which will give you the time to reach the natural lash.
  • Always make sure the application is correct, and the lash extension is well stuck on the natural lash! 
  • Make sure to always use fresh drops. You should change your adhesive drop every 20 minutes to make sure it is still efficient and fresh!

Ask your client if they are sleeping on their side!

client sleeping

A lot of people sleep on their side, which is something we can not control, but this could be the cause of poor retention on one side. Whenever sleeping, the extensions will rub against the pillow, and make the extensions fall.

Try to educate them to sleep on their back, and keep some silk eye masks in stock. This is an opportunity for you to make some money, and a way for them to keep their lashes longer. 

Silk eye masks will allow their lashes to gently touch the silk material, instead of rubbing roughly against the pillow. 

If they aren’t a fan of eye masks, they can always switch their cotton pillowcase to a silk pillowcase allowing less friction.

The lash shedding season 

Unfortunately, our eyes and hair are not always synchronized, which means our lashes don’t shed the same way. 

One side might lose more lashes than the other side, and that can be caused by natural shedding. 

There isn’t much to do about it. 

You can recommend your clients to get a lash serum, so that their cycles grow faster, which will allow you to fill their lashes adequately, or you can advise your client to come back earlier. 

A lash artist is not able to prevent lash shedding but always does it best in order to fill all the lashes.

We hope you understand it is common to lose more lashes on one side or one eye, and hope this article can help you to fix this issue! If you still feel uncomfortable about this situation and would like to get advice from experienced lash artists, feel free to join us on our Facebook community. We are here to help you and guide you through your journey!