What do we need to consider when choosing an adhesive?

Let’s talk about different adhesives! How can we make the adhesive work for us? It is important to note: all the information in this article is based on over 5+ years of  experience from fellow lash technicians and their knowledge of the product over many years of use!



La magnétique

Hook Up


Drying time

(20% - 35%):
3 - 4 secs

(35% - 70%):
1 - 2 secs


(20% - 35%):
2 - 3 secs

( 35% - 70% ):
1 - 2 secs

(20% - 35%) :
1- 2 secs

(35% - 70%) :
0.5 sec



Medium thin

Medium thin


18 - 22 degrees celsius/ 68-73.4 degrees fahrenheit

18 - 22 degrees celsius/ 68-73.4 degrees fahrenheit

18 - 22 degrees celsius/ 68-73.4 degrees fahrenheit

What do we need to consider when choosing an adhesive?

ENVIRONMENT: including the humidity and temperature.

The basic rule: The lower the humidity is, the slower your glue dries. If your environment is very dry, your glue dries very SLOW. If your humidity is very high, it will dry FASTER.

Secondly, the temperature also able to affect your glue. The hotter the temperature is, the thinner your glue viscosity becomes. Your glue tends to melt under a high heat. When they are melting, it becomes more liquid, and dries faster too. Therefore, the optimal temperature is 18-22 Celsius degree in a well-ventilated environment. 

Dry environment = slower dry

Humid environment = faster dry

Cooler temperature = slower dry

Hot temperature = faster dry

If you're ever in a situation where you do not have the luxury of having another glue on hand, and it is taking forever to dry, use a nano-mister to help cure the glue. If you do not have that, adjust the quantity of glue you use, put less or more so that the glue can dry faster or slower. 

Before choosing the right glue, you need to identify, how fast I am lashing? If you are using promade lashes, you might need 1-2s glue. If you are using handmade lashes, you could need 2-3s glue, because you will need more time to adjust the handmade fans and place them properly.

Example: You are pretty fast, normally 1-2 seconds, and you have the optimal temperature (18-22 degrees celsius/ 68-73.4 degrees fahrenheit) with a humidity of under 35%. We suggest to use (Speedy).  In the case of having an optimal temperature but a humidity of MORE THAN 35%, we suggest to use the HookUp

**Also, if lashes are popping off while you brush them, the glue is too fast for you! Change for a slower drying glue! 


Having a thin viscosity allows you to keep using the glue dot longer. When the glue is thicker, you might need to change the glue more often which in turn, will finish your bottle faster.

With Speedy or Hook-up, you might need more glue than usual in the beginning because of its thin viscosity. Once you put the glue drop on your jade stone, palette, glue ring etc., it will definitely thicken up over time and you’ll start to notice that you don't need to change the glue dot frequently. Due to thinner viscosity, you’ll be able to keep your drop longer than usual because it will take longer before it gets stringy.


You might be working too fast for your glue ! In order to correct this, first check your hydrometer to see if you can adjust your environment (i.e., increase temperature or humidity) If you can’t and don’t have a faster-drying glue, what you can do in the meantime is: use a nano-mister to cure the glue faster. Nanomist during the set so the lashes will dry faster. You can also try to put less glue to help cure the glue faster as well.


In this case, you may not be fast enough for your glue! Again, check your hydrometer to see if you can decrease your temperature/humidity. Make sure to isolate first, then dip and stick directly! if it still doesn’t work, then go for a slower-drying glue. You can also try to put more glue, so that the lash will take a bit longer to dry. Hold the lash in place for 1-2 seconds to make sure you don’t get any “stickies” when you release the extension.