What are heat bonded eyelash extensions, and when to use them?

Heat bonded lash extensions are made from none other than top-quality synthetic mink and neatly arranged in trays. Premade fans are a very popular term that prospective clients can see being used nowadays. They are the alternative to handmade fans.

Premade fans are a group of lashes that have been adjoined at the base either by the heat bonding method or simply the gluing method. As opposed to handmade fans, premade fans save plenty of time for lash artists. Also, premade fans are known to give a fuller volume look in the shortest period of time along with covering any sparse spots clients may have on their lash lines.

Handmade fans are made by the artist themselves during their appointments with clients, while premade, as the name suggests, comes fully prepared by the manufacturer and all the artist has to do is apply them.

Although this leaves less scope for customizing the lash extensions according to each client, it saves up a ton of time for the artist and allows them to book more clients.

What are heat bonded eyelash extensions

Heat bonded eyelash extensions are a relatively recent entry into the lash industry. Still, it has quickly earned itself a pretty reputable name.. Heat bonded premade fans are becoming much more popular with lash artists than glue bonded ones since it is less heavy.

Not only does it remove any adverse effects that lash glue can have on a client's lash line, but it also eliminates the added weight that the glue brings along which weighs on the eyes.

Heat bonded premade fans give more room to lash artists to experiment and add more depth and volume to the lashes while enhancing the curl. It is necessary to remember that while it is common to use the typical straight-tipped tweezer for handmade fans, premade fans are much better applied while using tweezers with an angled tip that are specially designed for volume and accentuating your lash lines.

The only possible downside that heat bonded extension lashes have yet proved to contain is that they are prone to break away slightly more easily than glue bonded ones. However, in the grand scheme of things, this is a small price to pay for their overall benefits.

heat bonded eyelash extensions consists of 12 lines

Each tray of heat bonded eyelash extensions consists of 12 lines. Variations range from 9mm to 15mm with C and D curl options. C curls are for clients looking for a natural look that gives their lashes slight curls creating an overall eye-opening look, while D curls provide a more dramatic and curlier look. They are every client and lash artist's dreams come true with their lightweight and fluffy exterior.

Due to the double heating process used during manufacturing, the lash extensions are arranged in a row and then heat pressed at the base. Heat bonded lash extensions retain a much better lash form after rolling in the final process to obtain the perfect curvature to them, much more refined than traditional alternatives.

Lash artists, looking out for the best interests of their clients, are increasingly recommending heat bonded eyelash extensions over other options as they do the minimal harm to the client's natural lash line..

With all these different varieties coming out in the lash industry, it is important to be aware of the different types of premade fans. 

All in all, we can agree that if you are looking to get yourself premade fans , then heat bonded is the way to go. They will give a dramatic and beautiful look that everyone seeks, and watch out for the best interests of the natural lashes. 

Keeping in mind all the obvious benefits of heat bonded eyelash extensions, it is no surprise that they are rapidly gaining more and more popularity with clients and lash experts.

The traditional methods like glue bonded eyelash extensions are the go-to extensions in the lash world since it is one of the classic old-school methods.