Top Benefits of Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are now an option for those wanting more natural, long-lasting eyelashes. Fan eyelashes come in strips of various lengths and thicknesses. This makes it easier for lash technicians to give their clients customized results.

What are Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions? 

Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions are made to help lash techs save time preparing volume lash fans. 

Easy fan eyelash extensions are different because they are made of several layers of individual lashes attached. Before application, fan eyelashes need to be spread out or fanned out to give eyelashes the appearance of more volume.

Lash artists can make fans using the Shimmy technique and Sticky Strip technique. 

With the Shimmy technique, lash techs can use volume tweezers to create fans while with the Sticky Strip technique, they can use the trip to make one. The second option is a better way for beginners. 

But aside from this, what makes them better than usual lashes? What benefits do your clients enjoy when you use Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions

The benefits of Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions


It’s easy to achieve consistent quality when attaching fan eyelashes because they are easy to use, even for beginner lash technicians. You can pick a few lashes with a tweezer and then use simple fanning methods to prepare them.

Since making your fan requires much effort and mastery, Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions help you reduce the time needed for fast, quality lash sessions.

The benefits of Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions

Time and Energy Saving

Since easy fan eyelash extensions can create a dense fan easily, they can be quickly prepared for application. Lash artists only need to use basic fanning methods to get them ready.

Time and Energy Saving

Flexibility: They Can Be Used In Various Lash Sets

Fan eyelash extensions are flexible and can be used in various lash sets. They require minimum experience to fan out and distribute evenly. Additionally, the fan shape allows for more natural movement and flexibility, making the eyelashes appear more realistic.

This versatility makes fan lashes more compatible with other eyelash sets, enabling a customized look that can be adjusted to meet individual preferences and needs.

They can be used with these lash sets:


Easy Fan eyelash extensions can be used in hybrid lash sets. This lash set uses different styles to create fuller and more dramatic eyelashes. It can be combined with classic lashes, offering a denser appearance for the lash set.

Russian Volume

This eyelash extension set creates a more voluminous appearance. These are often multi-layered, with one extension having 2 to 6 lashes. They are placed on a natural lash, giving a more fluffy appearance.

With the help of Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions, the lash set gives the lush and glamorous look that every client desires.

Mega Volume

This eyelash extension is even thicker and more dramatic than the Russian Volume. Mega Volume uses up to 9 lashes, giving an instantly bolder look to the eyes.

While making your Mega Volume Fan requires a lot of mastery and time, you can use easy fan eyelash extensions to create voluminous lash fans easily. 

Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions Are Easy to Customize

You can easily customize the look of the lashes when using easy fan eyelash extensions. You only need to select the desired lashes to create volume fans and combine them with other lashes.

Whether you want to create a glamorous look or bold and dramatic eyes, you can achieve it with Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions.

Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions Are Easy to Customize

Create Different Looks With Confidence

Easy fan eyelash extensions are one of the best ways to save time without compromising quality. With premium silk material, your lash skills will shine when you use LLBA Easy Fan Lashes. They can help you create the desired volume fan with simple fanning techniques.

Get the LLBA Easy Fan Lashes to create gorgeous, effortlessly full, dramatic lashes!