The versatile of cc curl lash extensions

One of the most sought-after lash extensions in the market happens to be the CC curl lash extensions. Clients are looking to get lash extensions to want something that would accentuate their eyes and give them some oomph and flair without being too tacky. CC curl lashes get the job done by creating an enlarged open-eye effect that lifts the eyes, creating a more youthful appearance. This article will explain to you when to use CC curl. 

CC curl lashes? What are those:

These are lash extensions that have a special curl which opens up the eye and has the same effect as that of an eyelash curler for your lashes. It provides more curl than the  C curl lash but is less dramatic than a D curl thus giving you the best of both worlds experience if you choose to opt for these lashes.

Who should use cc curl eyelash extensions:

Any client looking for a lifted look for their eyes can use cc curl lashes. Those whose natural lash growth is directed straight or downwards can use cc curl lashes in their outer corners to make the eyes appear bigger and more open. Anyone with round eyes can use these lashes in their outer corners to elongate their eyes. Using cc curl lashes in the middle of their lash line could make their eyes look even more round and doll-like.

Who should use cc curl eyelash extensions

Selecting the diameter:

Depending on what the client wants, there are variations in diameters to pick from when it comes to lash application which affects the overall look. A few things to keep in mind before applying eyelash extensions are:

  • 0.12 and 0.15 diameters work well for classic technique
  • A diameter higher than 0.15mm could potentially damage the lash line
  • Someone with thin or brittle lashes should opt for volume since it would be less heavy than classic lashes. 

Selecting the length:

Some basics to keep in mind when choosing the perfect length are as follows:

  • Lash extension lengths mostly range from 8-14mm.
  • Lengths longer  than 14mm make for too heavy eyelash extensions harmful to natural lashes
  • The recommended length for CC curl extensions is 8--11mm extensions

Some popular looks based on lash length and diameter using CC lashes include:

Natural effect using CC curl lashes

For a natural look, opt for a lash length of 7-12mm. For a more pronounced look, use a 13mm length which is best used for big events and photo sessions.

Doll effect using CC curl lashes

The “doll eye” effect for the eyes utilizes lashes with shorter but equal lengths, which adds more volume. Since CC curl has a more pronounced lash curl, it is perfect to open up the eye and achieve the doll eye look.

What distinguishes CC curls from other types of lash curls?

cc curl lash extensions

  • CC curl vs. C curls

There is a slight difference in curvature between the two curl patterns, CC curl eyelash extensions have more length and curve to them than a plain C curl.

  • CC curl vs B curl

Those with almond-shaped eyes usually use B curls. CC curl lash extensions have a more pointed tip and have even proportions with a more defined curve.

  • CC curl vs. J curl

The J curl has a very slight curve that is barely noticeable. CC curl eyelashes compared to J lashes, have so much more curve to them, which accentuates the eyes by a long shot.

  • CC curl vs. L curl

L curl eyelashes come in further variations like the LC or LD curls. While CC curl lashes are based on eye shape corrections, L curls have more to do with the bend of the curve.

  • CC curl vs. M curl

M curl eyelashes immediately make the lashes noticeable meanwhile CC curl lash extensions visually highlight the eyelids more than just the lashes. The key difference between the two is the shape of the curve, where M curl has a more angular curve bend while CC curl forms a semicircle with its bend.

With these eyelash extension parallels in mind, we hope this post enables you to make a more informed decision when planning on getting CC curl lash extensions. Given how versatile cc curl lash extensions are and how they make your client’s eyes the center of attention, they are one the most sought-after eyelash extensions by clients.