The Ultimate Guide To Kim K Style

What is Kim K style?

There are many names in the lash field when it comes to the Kim K style, you might recognize it by the other names: wispy look/spiky look. What makes this style special is that longer lashes are added through the main set. This style is meant to make the natural eyes bigger. This set would suit people with smaller eyes. It is not recommended to use this style on people who have big eyes or downturned eyes.

Common lash maps for Kim K

The wispy look or Kim K look is more like a modified version of a base lash set. For example take a look at a wispy natural lash map:

Common lash maps for Kim K

As you can see the wispy spikes are placed evenly spaced between each spike and are placed according to how large each section is. The basic foundation of this set is the natural lash map but the “wispy style” serves as an additional layer to your design. You can add on the wispy style onto any existing lash set like cat eye or doll eye sets to create eye catching and dramatic sets for your clients! 

How to use lash extensions to create Kim K look

The Kim K look requires some knowledge and experience. If you are comfortable making your own fans, you will for sure be able to achieve this look. If you aren’t comfortable making your own fans, don’t worry, we got you! 

The first thing would be to choose the right mapping for your clients.

Then, you might want to make the spikes by making closed fans of 3-6 lashes, 3 to 4 mm longer than the main lash mapping. Those spikes will be displayed through the sets in 9-12 different spots.

If you aren’t comfortable making your own fans, check out these!

Wispy promades LLBA & Pillar LLBA

All you’ll have to do is to put the pillars or wispy promades first. Then, we will fill out the rest of the eyelashes according to your mapping. You can either make your own fans or use promades fans. 

It is also possible to achieve the Kim K look with a hybrid set. Use classic lashes for the spikes, making sure they are at least 3 to 4 mm longer than the main set, and fill out the rest with promades.