The ultimate guide for long-lasting eyelash extensions

Perhaps any lash artist should equip themselves with tips for long-lasting eyelash extensions when practicing lash extensions for clients. Especially for new lash artists, eyelash extension tips will help them get used to the job more quickly and easily, ensuring the aesthetics of the client's new eyelashes.

1. Choose the suitable eyelash extension style with right size

Each of your clients will have a unique face and distinctive features. Evaluating your client's bone structure around their eye area is important. Based on their face and bone structure around their eye area, you can advise them to choose the suitable eyelash styles before starting the process. In order to keep the client’s eyelash extensions long-lasting and beautiful, the style of lash extensions chosen before is very important. If you and your client cannot choose the correct eyelash extension style with the right size, the results obtained after the eyelash extension process will not make customers truly satisfied.

2. Keep lashes and tools clean

To complete a perfect eyelash extensions process, the tool preparation cannot be neglected. Any lash technician must prepare a full set of eyelash extensions before practicing the extension process. The tools for eyelash extensions should also be clean to ensure hygienic problems as well as to keep the client's new eyelash extensions long-lasting. In addition,  lashes must be carefully preserved, ensuring that the lashes that will be applied are new, free from dirt.

eyelash extensions long-lasting

3. Adhesive tips

Eyelash adhesive is an indispensable item to prepare the eyelash extensions process. Lashes artists should choose to buy high-quality eyelash adhesive with clear origin with safe ingredients. Before and after use, eyelash adhesive should be stored carefully so that the quality of the adhesive is not compromised. In addition, if you use too much or too little eyelash adhesive, the client’s eyelashes will easily fall out or be stuck together, not ensuring the aesthetics as expected. This is also one of the useful tips for long-lasting eyelash extensions.

lash extensions long-lasting

4. Prepare carefully for the pre-treatment

Before starting to apply extensions to your clients, you should make sure to prepare the pre-treatment carefully. For the process to go smoothly, before applying  eyelashes, you should make sure your client’s natural eyelashes are clean, with no makeup, dust, or grime. If you want to be sure to get the best results that your client expected, you can use cleansing products such as lash shampoo and protein wipes to ensure the client's natural lashes are at their best before starting the eyelash extensions process. This way, you can keep your client’s eyelash extensions long-lasting and beautiful as they expect them to be.

However, to make the process more convenient and to save a lot of time, you can contact the customer first and ask the customer to come without eye makeup layers, in particular, should not use mascara or waterproof eyeshadow.

5. Pay attention to the distance from the eyelid

According to current international criteria, new lash technicians will apply the eyelash extensions on the client’s natural lashes with a distance 0.5 - 1mm far away from the skin, and if the eyelash extensions process is applied by a professional lash artist, the safe distance will be 1-1.5mm. The reason why lash technicians must apply the  eyelashes with a safe distance is because the eyelash adhesive contains the Cyanoacrylate. This substance makes up 90% of eyelash glue, and this is the main cause of eye pain. So when hooked into the skin, the glue can stick to the eyes and block up the pores of the eyelid, preventing new lashes from growing. In addition, the blood vessels that nourish the eyelashes can become contaminated and cause eye problems.

long lasting eyelash extensions

After eyelash extensions application, natural eyelashes will still grow normally and push the  eyelashes out after a certain time, the  eyelashes can not stand anymore and will be tilted, no longer beautiful, regular as before. So if the eyelash extensions are too far away, the process of pushing the  eyelashes out faster will not keep the client’s eyelash extensions long-lasting as expected.

6. Check the bases

The eyelash extensions chosen should be placed parallel to the client’s natural lash in a perfect way. Therefore, the lash artist should examine the angle in which you are going to place extensions, remember to place them parallel to the natural lash, not at an angle. In case the base of the extension is not fully connected to the client’s natural lash, it can catch on things and fall out more quickly than expected. On the other hand, if you place eyelash extensions on natural lash with a sharp angle, the surface area of the bond between natural lash and lash extension will be limited, which can limit the lifespan of eyelash extensions. This is also one of many tips for long-lasting eyelash extension.

Hope these tips for long-lasting eyelash extension will be useful for you to help your clients.