The rise of color lash extensions

Color lash extensions have emerged as a phenomenon in the lash world. This is an extremely interesting thing for eyelash extensions enthusiasts. Unlike other eyelash extensions, this impressive color-mixed eyelash extension is usually for quite special cases. With this type of eyelash extension, lash artists can unleash their creativity and express themselves based on the client's outfit and makeup. Let's find out about color lash extensions!

Why are color lash extensions popular these days?

color lash extensions

There are many factors that make color eyelash extensions one of the current beauty trends. Let's go through them together!

Tiktok beauty trend

The rise of the Tiktok beauty trend: Tiktok is now the largest social media network around the globe and has incorporated billions of users. In addition to this, it has a huge fan base which influences all the new emerging trends faster than any other social media platform. As the trends have developed over the years, color eyelash extensions are no exception to them. The image of impressive eyes with colorful, energetic, and highly personal eyelashes have made eyelash extension followers impossible to ignore.

Clients want to show their personality: The traditional eyelash styles focus on increasing thickness and length but are still a rather monotonous black color, therefore eyelash extensions enthusiasts are always looking for new and unique things to show their personality. It can now be a story and message that each person conveys through the color and prominence of the lashes. Nothing can be more prominent and attractive than the eyes which are the soul’s window. Besides color, glitter eyelashes are also popular because they sparkle and become special at night.

Color lashes can enhance eye color: Many clients choose color eyelash extensions because they want to make their eyes brighter. And the truth is that the color of the eyelash extensions makes the eyes lively and attractive. A true story: The writer of this blog once could not take the eyes off of a girl with curled and pink lashes. It made her eyes look so beautiful and shining.

Besides, many clients choose color lash extensions to experience a new beauty style and often wear colored eyelashes because of the nature of their work as artists, models, and actors. Color lash extensions have become a trendy and increasingly popular beauty style among young people.

Popular color lashes

Popular color lashes

You will be surprised by how the colors of lashes extensions are highly diverse. Not only are there deep tones like black, but most of them are also bright colors, like a brilliant festival full of light and color.

Let's take a look at some hot trend colors in 2022.

Sweet pink eyelashes: It can't be sweeter when you use pink eyelashes on the base of real eyelashes. You will be the center of any party or event!

Sexy red eyelashes: Nothing stands out more than robust red! The charm comes from the set of eyelashes with the right makeup for the eyes and face. This harmonious combination will make all your clients go crazy!

Dark blue eyelashes: You will see rock singers often choose this color, it respects the user's skin and eyes, helping them exude a personality.

Lavender purple: Lots of personality but still gentle, this is probably the only color that can create that effect for users.

Green: youthful, a little "rebellious", energetic is what we think of this color. It stands out and attracts everyone. The combination of green eyelashes and golden shimmer eyelashes will be like an explosion of personality.

There are still other colors, but the above colors are the most commonly requested colors from clients.

color lashes

In addition, if you are a beginner at color lashes, besides understanding the technique, choosing the right type of eyelashes is a necessary factor. Among them, color is the first important point as eyelashes must have a fresh and standard color to highlight different tones. We discovered a brand that you can find highly trendy and diverse color eyelashes: LLBA Professional. This is a brand shared by many clients and lash artists recently. They provide all kinds of color promade fans packaged in boxes, and each box has  480-530 fans, which is a pretty large quantity and quite economical. Moreover, you can also find a full range of curls, single lash, or mixed colors boxes. This brand is confidently committed to the quality of soft, smooth, vivid, and delicate eyelashes suitable for a wide range of clients.

In addition, when looking for sales information and policies, we realized that LLBA also has desirable policies and offers incentives for new customers such as free shipping, and additional discounts. You can refer to the information on the official website or reputable e-commerce sites like Amazon for detail.

Above are color eyelash extensions, a trendy style in the eyelash world. Hope that you can find helpful information. Follow us for valuable articles!